Her Majesty


Ever wondered about the origins of Queen Clarion? Ever wondered what happened before Pixie Hollow became the world we know today?

In this story, I will be exploring the Queen and her story of why she came to Pixie Hollow. My interpretation is that she was not originally the leader of Pixie Hollow, but the sovereign-to-be of another race within Neverland. That race however, once prominent in the region, has died down as cause of… what?

What happened to Queen Clarion? What did she do to get to where she is now? With a past shrouded with secrecy, there is much we do not know about her, but all will be revealed. Soon.

Click on the titles of each chapter below to be guided to the post containing said chapter.

Preface: Tranquility

Chapter 1: Uprising

Chapter 2: Havoc

Chapter 3: Unknown

Chapter 4: Journey

Chapter 5: Phoenix

Chapter 6: Discovery

Chapter 7: Alliance

Chapter 8: Rebirth

Chapter 9: Today

****Please check back soon, as this is still in progress****


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