Pixie Hollow Archives


There were many stories I envisioned in my mind that related to the late Pixie Hollow. Looking back, I suppose I shouldn’t have left them all hanging. A lot of them could have actually turned into brilliant stories if I worked with them enough..

Well, better late than never, right? 🙂

Let’s see… This is how the page will work: I’ll have a bunch of story titles listed – those are all ideas I’m working on. At some point, when the post comes out, there will be a link that will direct you to the post containing the story. Furthermore, once a little introduction page is completed, clicking on the link will guide you there 🙂

This page probably won’t contain much…


Pixie Dust Tales


What happens to a laugh if the child very rarely smiles? That was the question I was pursuing. While this is an arrival day story just like any other, I just found this concept fascinating. I may just decide to explore it a little more later on..

Her Majesty:

Ever wondered about the origins of Queen Clarion? Ever wondered what happened before Pixie Hollow became the world we know today?

In this story, I will be exploring the Queen and her story of why she came to Pixie Hollow. My interpretation is that she was not originally the leader of Pixie Hollow, but the sovereign-to-be of another race within Neverland. That race however, once prominent in the region, has died down as cause of… what?

What happened to Queen Clarion? What did she do to get to where she is now? With a past shrouded with secrecy, there is much we do not know about her, but all will be revealed. Soon.


On September 19, 2013, the magical Pixie Hollow was annihilated by… what? What happened on that fateful day? Well, the more important question is, what happened after that? Did the fairies survive? Did Pixie Hollow survive? This is just my own personal spin on the closing of Pixie Hollow…


What if the talent we choose when we Arrive isn’t our true talent?






Beyond Our World

Seeing Blue: 

She is ice and snow. She sees the world through her cold, blue eyes and the world becomes blue. But then someone new appears, and the spectrum becomes visible to her frozen heart.

This is really just some really long drabble type thing that I was inspired to write, just to take a break from things that I felt were not progressing.


The stars simply mean that the titles will be revealed with time 🙂

Clicking on the title will guide you to a page for each story, where the links to the chapters will be available. Please note that as of right now, the links will not be valid as this page is under construction.


~ This page is currently under construction ~



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