What happens to the laugh of a child who’s smile is rare? 

In a small nondescript town lays an enormous stone mansion. Through the frosted glass of the sitting room window, one could often see a child, sitting as still as a porcelain doll. In fact, if she didn’t move ever so often, she would probably be mistaken for a doll. Her dark ringlets were always perfectly curled and her eyes hazel, framed with dark lashes.

One would remark how quiet the young girl was. In fact, she was rather… unhappy.

But that was impossible because children were always joyful. Passers-by would quickly brush away the very thought of an unhappy child, not wanting to think about it.

This is the story of the laugh that waiting a long while to appear and travel. This is the story of Mira.


I was originally planning for this story to be longer, but then I didn’t really want to stretch it out too much.. So I decided that I would make it more of a one-shot. (For those of you who don’t know fanfiction terminology, that means there’s only one chapter.)

It’s also known as a short story…

Since it was less of an arrival day story and more of a laugh story, I decided to change the title and call it “Laugh”. If you have not yet read it, do click on the banner below and it will guide you to the story ❤





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