Harvest Hustle Score! <3

Hey guys!

Crystal here!It’s been some time hasn’t it? 🙂

Well today I’m just here with a quick post, in order to submit my personal score for Harvest Hustle and cheer for TEAM OTTERS!  WOOHOOO


Here we go :


It’s not much but ehhhh too lazy to try again XD


Good luck to everyone else participating in this week’s challenge for the Pixie Hollow Games! 😉 ❤

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about click here to learn more 🙂 )


Fly with you soon!

~Crystal Airshine


Back to School DIYs: Pixie Hollow Style

For all of you poor pixies whose school already starts on August here’s a bit of magic to brighten up your school year 😉 ❤

Crystal Oakbelle's Pixie Memories

School is just around the corner on the Mainland.  My first day is in August, but quite a few other pixies start in September.  What better way to prepare for the summer to end than to make and decorate your own Pixie Hollow inspired school supplies?  Additionally, you can buy stationary and other supplies (like erasers) that give off a Pixie Hollow vibe.


You can buy any notebook in any style you want and then decorate it to fit your personality, fairy, or style!  I thought of three ways you can go with this (or even more if you combine them).

  1. Centering the design around Tinkerbell and her friends or other fairies (which is great for elementary school, but might be considered a little young in some higher grades).  One might even be inspired to make their notebook look similar to Lizzie’s field journal.
  2. Themeing it around nature or other aspects of Pixie Hollow…

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Welcome to The Pixie Diaries – WordPress Edition!

Check out this FLITTERIFIC new blog by the wonderful pixie Angie ❤
Fly by her corner and say hello to show her you welcome her to the wordpress community 😀 ! ❤

See you guys soon
~Crystal Airshine

The Pixie Diaries


Hi guys, June here!

I’ve got some exciting news to tell you all – the blog you know as The Pixie Diaries has opened a new department over here on WordPress as well!

That’s right – however the main one is still over on Blogger so whatever I post there first, I’ll make sure to share here as well.

I’d also like to ask  you to not be hasty with me as this place is rather new to me so I’ll need time to learn how everything works ( especially the widgets – I’m trying right now as we speak! ).

So, till further notice I’m welcoming you to the WordPress version of The Pixie Diaries!

Fly with you all later,

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The Perfect Pixie Summer Fashions! <3

Hello everyone!

It’s Crystal here (obviously lol ),and I’m back with my first original post as I had promised! ^_^

I am very sorry to not have posted anything of my own throughout the year,but I hope to make up for that now ! 😀

Initially,I was planning to do a completely different post,but I was going through some old fashion  pics of mine today and was inspired to do something fashion related! 🙂

In other words,in this post I’m going to share with you pictures and ideas of Pixie Hollow inspired outfits you can put together in real life (to bring some Hollow magic to your days 😉 )

So let’s get started! 😀

First of all,now that it’s summer (if it’s summer in your country-I hope it is o.o ),it is important to wear loose,light clothing that will feel cool.For that it’s best to choose clothes made of cotton and in light colours (preferably white) that reflect the sunlight 😉


Tank tops are the way to go,and you can also pair them with a cute bralette ! 😀


Lace shorts in summer colours are great to match with,


and for shoes choose sandals (make sure they are not made of real leather though!You don’t want to support that kind of cruel industry 😦 ! ).


A great alternative would of course be shoes made out of light fabrics like converse,or even high heels (whatever suits your style ! 🙂 )


Lastly,top off your outfit with sunglasses (a must!Make sure they protect against both UVA and UVB rays! )



and choose a casual bag

354dbd501fe244161ae651e5e8be2953b97da5d89d7b6df0319d50fa90732d91 - Αντιγραφή


perhaps a cute backpack ? ^_^.


For accessories choose something cute and simple,maybe inspired from fairies,nature and flowers?

b3be44f793232e974b514122d6b15c85 - Αντιγραφή

Flower crowns are super cute,fashionable and fairy appropriate for example!They look great during summer too ^^

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lastly coordinate the outfit according to your talent or favourite fairy.For example,go with green and leaf/tropic designs if you’re a tinker

with blues and sea prints if you’re a water talent 8ee600c99941034d2d2d5042736fc1db

mauve/purple colours if you’re a fast flying fairy (feather earrings would be a nice touch too 😉 ).Since it’s summer you could choose light purpple shades like lavender that are just awesome!


Warm pinks and floral patterns if you’re a garden talent


Earthly colours and animal prints if you’re an animal fairy



and lastly bright yellows and light fabrics for all light fairies 🙂

702478a1afc0d7e6ee27499712e757dd - Αντιγραφήe8f7a268b4bdf04cd59b498848fb7ff8


I’m not going to include Winter fairies though,because I doubt they like summer that much…. 😛


What do you think pixies? Would you wear any of these and what do you usually like to wear during summer?

Let me know ❤

~Crystal Airshine


948532zr96alyx9qP.S:Next time I’ll be posting summer outfit ideas for Fairy Abc so stay tuned;) !

Blog Bomb: Sara Icedrop

Hey there guys!Just another post I’d like to reblog,since I think it’s important to make sure our Pixie Bloggers community stays alive and healthy,as well as encourage new talented authors.As a creator myself,I know how important that can be,and the kind of determination you get,when your blog gets noticed 🙂

On another note,I will finally post an original post soon 🙂

~Crystal A.

Marigold's Musings

Hi, Pixies!

As you may remember, nearly two months ago we Blog Bombed Tessa Cherrywillow:-)

Here were her stats on April 26, 2016:


Our Goal:


Here are her new stats as of June 22, 2016:


Our goal was met AND exceeded!!! 😀

A *HUGE* thank you to everyone who helped support and encourage this talented fairy!!!❤

Update: Since being Blog Bombed, Tessa has only published 1 post on her blog, but she’s still very involved in the PBC by commenting frequently and stopping by the Pixie Hangout to chat 🙂

It’s Blog Bomb time, again!😀

In case you need a refresher or are new to Blog Bombing, it’s pretty simple: I choose a pixie’s blog at random (active or inactive – but they MUST display their followers and views), I publish a post containing the blog’s link and current stats, and I ask everyone…

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Hey pixies! Long time no see!
Have you heard about the Pixie Hollow Prom?If yes did you go?I already did and it was a lot of fun! Those of you who haven’t make sure to pay a visit while you still can 🙂 ! ❤

~Crystal A.


You are cordially invited to the Second Annual Pixie Prom by PrimroseThePixie and Gwyn Pixie Hollow!

Worlize Screenshot 2016-06-01 at 9.00.51 PMHistory of the Pixie Prom:

Last year was the first ever Pixie Prom in the history of Worlize! We’d like to continue the tradition of welcoming pixies to the Worlize community and to show that Pixie Hollow still lives! We invite anyone who wants to come to celebrate the summer season, along with meet fellow bloggers from the community in real time! And to ensure that everyone gets a chance to participate in the festivities it will be A WEEK LONG EVENT!!! There will be dancing, singing, and FOOD!!! After all is said and done, there will be an after party as well hosted by Primrose the Pixie in her world on Worlize! link here:

Surprises and changes are in store too so stay tuned in! I’ll be blogging sneak peaks…

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An Introduction..I think ? :P

Hi guys! My name is Crystal Airshine ^_^

I’m new here ( pretty obviously, since there is a huge title right above saying”Introduction” :P….)

 I just signed up as a guest author,so thank you Minerva for that~^^ (horayyy*randomdanceparty*)

Yeah-yeah I know…ANOTHER new author … 😛

Actually, I ’m already a blogger. I’m a “Blogger” blogger-if that makes any sense at all- *laugh* .

I own this blog called ”Pixie Hollow’s Little Secrets” in case you’ve ever heard of it 😛

Anyway, I’m not exactly sure WHAT exactly I should include in my introduction.(Guess that shows a bit XD) Especially taking into account the fact that my keyboard HATES me right now for some reason…;_:..it keeps writing random stuff…:”(  (Good way to start , huh ? 😛 )…..

So this is most likely going to be very random..after all I’ve been blabbering all this time, practically saying nothing .. :_:

Well…*ahem* anyways…. let’s start with the basics…. 🙂

If there is anything you would need to know about me, that probably would be that I really love anything creative, I especially love drawing and I can’t live without music or singing.I also like photography, writing (and reading good books..or blogs:) ) ,I like designing (and -of course- buying) fashion, and I also have an obsession with make-up :3

 What is more, I’m a huge airhead ,I talk a loooot (but you must have guessed so far 😛 ) and I love sweet things :3 (I’m not as much of a chocaholic as Rose is though XD….)

Last but not least I secretly like manga and anime :3..oh oh.. and English is not actually my native language…o.o…but you don’t mind..do you ? 😛

To be honest, I don’t even know why would anyone be interested to know all this, but I don’t have any idea what else I should talk about either…so I guess I’ll just  stick with that for now 🙂 (lucky you! reading such a lame fine post!)

By the way, this is completely random but, funny thing is that I used to think i would never , use WordPress to blog… for some reason .. ? o.o -don’t ask me why I have no idea.. ;_:- and look at me …I’m already signed up, writing my first post :D.




Ok…I just realised just how badly my introduction sucks:P , BUT despite that I hope you didn’t get too bored reading this XD (I’m sorry , I just had no idea what to write about whatsoever.. ><..plus I’m feeling kinda awkward… )

Anyways,I’m usually super busy, but I hope I’ll be able to post again soon 😀 ,so..

~Fly with you

Crystal Airshine

P.S:Minerva,don’t you dare change your mind about making me a guest author now… 😛