About Minerva



Minerva was the first fairy I had (And the best, I might add… No offence my other pixies :D)

Name: Minerva

D-Name: AthenaGrace

Talent: Water

Pixie Page: 6939 Great Thistle Hollow

Arrival Date: December, 27, 2011

Talent Mastery: 28

Favorite Color: Starry White

Favorite Food: Petit Fours

Favorite Animal: Dove

Favorite Flower: Curcuma

Favorite Hobby: Making Friends

Dislikes: Bad Hair Days

Membership Status: Active


Hi everyone! My name is Minerva and I’m a three year old fairy from Pixie Hollow. I used to have an account from like, 2010 but then I forgot about it and the fairies reset… but that’s another story. I have three main fairies; Minerva, Echo Starsong, and Stella.

This blog is mostly here for sharing my thoughts and findings as I continue in Pixie Hollow. I’m currently not a member, so most of my posts are from a non-member point of view. Edit: I activated a 1-Month Membership code on June, 28, 2013.

I’m usually there to help my fellow non-members and other newly-arrived fairies in Pixie Hollow. I like to consider myself everyone’s friend even though I can’t possibly add every single fairy to my friends list.

I will try to provide current news as soon as it comes out however, if it’s a few days late you really must forgive me, I can be rather busy…

If you ever see me in the Hollow, don’t be shy to say hi! Since the Hollow is now closed, any of my pals (or anyone else) can email me at minervagracefaerie@gmail.com and I’ll try to reply as soon as possible. Or you can visit me on the Forums here

I’m on other Disney Fairies sites too! Come visit me at Disney Fairies France 😀 Funnily enough, all the names are French (actually that’s expected lol), so the names have pretty much all been changed.

Gisèle (Minerva)

Coriandre Étoile grâce (Echo Starsong)

Solène (Stella)

I’m also known to play other virtual worlds every once in a while since the Hollow closed! Find me on:



Say hi if you recognize me 😉

See you ’round the waterfall 😀

Fly With You Later!


18 thoughts on “About Minerva

  1. cool i love your profile picture and the picture on this page and i think i might of known you from pixie hollow i miss it so much.


    1. Thanks! I miss Pixie Hollow too…
      Hmm.. Pardon me if I don’t really remember you from the Hollow. My memory is a little fuzzy about most of the pixies I didn’t talk to often 😛 What did you look like? (or what was your D-Name? Just anything that will identify yourself) If you aren’t comfortable sharing it, it’s all good 🙂


  2. yeah 🙂 thats ok i might of been friends with someone with a similar name to you 🙂 😀 i think my d-name was dracuella123 or dracuella911 i was water talent 🙂


  3. Hi Minerva,
    I remember you from the hollow! I didn’t quite recognize you but your d-name really helped!
    my d-name was : flitterificskating
    i hope you remember me!!
    ♥ Raindrop


    1. Hey Raindrop!
      Whoa, I guess my D-Name was quite distinguishable 😛 I think I do remember a Raindrop with that D-Name, but I’m not too sure, since there were a lot of other pixies 😛 I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that D-Name around before though…



    ♥ Raindrop


      1. Your Welcome 😀
        And thank you for accepting the guest author invitation.
        Can you please advise the topics you would like to post on ; it is entirely up to you. 😀
        And can you also advise maybe the name of the category you would like to post in. (You make up the name 😀 )
        ♥ Raindrop


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