Gothic Short Story – The Phantom Hitch-hiker

Something a bit different than what I usually write, but I thought I’d share. Enjoy 🙂

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Hi everyone,

So I’m finally on holidays again, which means that I get to spend the next two weeks reading, writing and watching YouTube!  😛

Today I thought I’d share a short story I write for my English class. We were studying the Gothic Genre last term, so in one of our last lessons, we were given a short scenario and asked to write write a short story about it and what happened next, including certain words. Well, we never went back to the task after that lesson, but I ended up finishing it and I wanted to share it.

This is the Gothic first story I’ve ever written, so I hope you enjoy it.  😉

– Rose  ❤


The Phantom Hitch-hiker

The meeting had gone longer than he had intended it to.

Brendan Woods sat in the front seat of his car, blinking wearily. The road ahead was long and…

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