2016 Pixie Hollow Games | Water Talent Pride

It’s THE event of the summer!

Games Banner

Hey pixies!

The Pixie Hollow Events Committee recently released a post on Marigold’s blog announcing our biggest event of the season — maybe even the year. Honestly? I’m not even exaggerating because we’ve put so much effort into making sure everyone can enjoy it.

Sound interesting?

Fill out the form on Marigold’s blog to participate in the Games by clicking the large banner above, and read more about the event by clicking here!



Myself, being a water fairy, it should come at no surprise that I’ll be cheering on the water-talents at the games!


Not saying that the other talents are not up to par in any way, but I’m just biased towards my own talent I guess. 😉 It’s an inevitable partiality really.

So what are water talents really good at?!?

Well I mean, not that I’ve thought about it a lot but here’s a list of things we water talent really excel at! 🙂

  • Water sports (like duh)
  • Being creative, like making sculptures out of water, and engaging in arts like acting — water talents are really good at showing emotion through acting and theater because we’re great at bringing the waterworks (no pun intended)


  • We’re kind and we always care for those who need are help, demonstrated very well by our mentor Silvermist, who shows that we can be great athletes but know where the line is 🙂
  • We have mastered what life depends on; water. (well, technically it’s oxygen but there’s no oxygen-talent so I rest my case :P). From a scientific perspective, life is dependent on water and many essential cellular processes involve the concentration of water on either side of a membrane. To put it in simpler terms, water is really, really, really important and us water-talents have mastered the art of using it to our advantage 😀

I have been studying biology a lot, if you couldn’t already tell 😉

… and plus I’m a huge nerd so I couldn’t resist ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • We’re great at coping with changes! Water talents tend to have a really “go-with-the-flow” type of attitude, which makes it really easy for us to solve any last minute problems that come up (and trust me, they usually do!)


  • We train hard — because like any other driven athlete, we know when to bring out A game.
  • We’re definitely not sore losers, because at the end of the day, we’re all still friends. A little competition can be healthy, but the Games celebrate all the talents in the Hollow. 🙂


So there you have it! 7 reasons why water-talents rock.

More of these “Talent Profiles” will be posted soon so keep an eye out of the blogs of all the Events Committee members for reasons why all the other talents rock as well. 🙂

But obviously in my opinion, water talents are pretty awesome, but we’ll see if the other Committee members can change my mind on that.

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Until next time, keep calm and cheer on!




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