HUGE Event Coming Soon!!!

AHHHHH our first event of the year!!

I’m super psyched for you all to see what we’ve all been working on! You should definitely sign up — I promise you won’t regret it 🙂


Marigold's Musings

Hi, Pixies!

The 2016 Pixie Hollow Events’ Committee has been working countless hours to bring the Pixie Blogging Community an event so HUGE that it will be the most interactive, most action-packed, and most thrilling event we’ve hosted to-date!!! 😀

Before I make the official event announcement, let me back up a bit and introduce everyone to this year’s amazingly talented Pixie Hollow Events’ Committee:

Marigold SunjewelFounder & President
Carrie Tuliptwist – 2015 & 2106 Member
Crystal Oakbelle – 2016 Member
Gwyn – 2016 Member
Minerva Grace – 2015 & 2016 Member
Rose MorningMist – 2015 & 2016 Member
Sarah Diamondswirls – 2015 & 2016 Member
Tessa Cherrywillow – 2016 Member

Want to find out more info about the committee members, a full calendar of event activities, event details, and other fun tidbits? Visit the official Pixie Hollow Events website by clicking the banner below:

2016 Events Banner

Alright, it’s now the moment you’ve…

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4 thoughts on “HUGE Event Coming Soon!!!

    1. Hey Ashley!

      No, there won’t be anything like that. The events will be things that everyone will be able to regardless of whether or not they have a Worlize or fairyabc account!

      (Sorry, I can’t tell you what they’ll be exactly yet but you can look to our old events on the Committee member’s or Marigold’s blogs to get an idea of what to expect 😉 )

      But I still definitely recommend signing up because it’ll be lots of fun!


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    2. Hi, Ashley!
      As Minerva said, we can’t reveal the details just yet, but the competitions for this event will be held in a way that allows any pixie to participate. More info will be posted in the coming weeks 😉
      As a side note, there will be a pre-event meet-up on Worlize (more info coming soon!) and possibly other meet-ups on Worlize and FairyABC during the event, but they are for socializing and celebrating – not for competing.
      Please sign-up and join the fun! 😀
      ♥ Marigold


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