Sneak Peeks – Part 2

Fly with you all,

So, I realised I’ve sort of been neglecting posting on all the blogs I guest author on.

A lot.

It’s been something like six months since I last posted on any of them!  D:

To pick up the slack, I’ve decided to release a sneak peek from five all-new stories that I’ve never mentioned before, and post one up on each of the blogs I guest author on.

I’ve already posted Part 1 on Raindrop’s Blog. This post will be Part 2 of 5.

The following Sneak Peek comes from a story currently called ‘The Return’, set not long after Christmas Chaos, the co-story Raven and I wrote at the end of last year.

Enjoy.  🙂

The Return – Sneak Peek

I sit in the reception room, waiting for my name to be called. As much as I protested, Izzy refused to let me wear my usual purple top and pants. Instead, I wear a black shoulderless sleeve top, with a deep pink miniskirt, black tights and matching boots. It’s nice, but the boots have heels, and I’ve never gone well in heels. Unfortunately, a lot of outfits in the Hollow have heels. Someone really needs to write a letter to the Never Council and complain.

“Rose MorningMist?”

I look up. The receptionist regards me without expression. “The Queen will see you now.”


“Ah, Rose, just in time! Please, join us.”

The Queen smiles warmly. She wears a simple gown today, similar to the one she usually wears. This one is also golden, with intricate swirling patterns on the skirt.

Another fairy is with her – she has tanned skin, long black hair and bears the outfit of a scout fairy. She stares at me, and I have a feeling she’s sizing me up, assessing the best way to take me down in a fight. I swallow.

“Rose, this is Nyx. She’s one of my most trusted scouts. We have experienced a problem that may need your expertise.”

She gestures to Nyx, who nods.

“We found something early this morning in Summer Glade that can’t be explained. A whole patch of the place has been iced over completely – ground, plants, everything. Do you know of anyone who has this kind of magic?”

I frown. “No, I’m afraid not. Is it possible a winter fairy could have done it?”

Nyx shakes her head. “A winter fairy would never be able to get that far, not even with a snow maker to keep them cool. Their wings would break.”

“Are there any signs of melting?” I ask.

“No, it’s still as solid as we found it. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.”

The furrow in my brow deepens.

“Is there a chance I could take a look?”


So what do you think? Please let me know in the comments. I love hearing from you.  😉

If you’d like to see more of my stories, you can fly over to ‘The Forgotten Tales‘ page on my blog.


 – Rose MorningMist  ❤


10 thoughts on “Sneak Peeks – Part 2

      1. haha, thanks Snow! 😉

        I actually got the idea for this story after I finished watching the Neverbeast one afternoon, and I thought it’d be interesting if Rose and Nyx met. Both are leaders but have very different views on some things, which should hopefully make this story interesting. 😛

        I don’t know when I’ll post more, but it will be released eventually, so don’t fret – you will find out what happens next 😉

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