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Hey guys! How have you been? I’ve been back in the groove of being busy again. In fact, things have been downright hectic. Projects flying places, papers to write, tests to take. In fact, I’m just wrapping up exams right about now. But who cares about that right?

Today I’m going to be writing a post on something a little bit…different.

It’s a review.


*mind explodes*

I know I don’t normally write reviews, but I figured I might as well start. Books, films, shows, the works. But Disney-related, of course. 😉

Anyways, today I’m going to be reviewing a show that I’ve been enjoying as of late. It’s called Backstage and it’s the newest show on Disney XD (I think)!

backstage banner

Backstage is a documentary-style show about freshmen students at a prestigious performing arts school called Keaton School of the Arts. There are about 3 main students per art – mainly music and dance, but also visual arts – and they get into all sorts of drama as the series unfolds.

I’m not sure where it’s available to watch on TV, but I’ve probably seen a couple videos floating around Youtube somewhere. I myself have only seen up episode 12, Plays Well With Others, but I think I have a pretty decent understanding of the dynamic of the show now.



Backstage is centered around way too many main characters at Keaton School of the Arts, the most prestigious arts school in the country. The cutthroat nature of the school raises a lot of tensions and drama between the students. So far, the show has been very dramatic. In the first 3 episodes alone, we see broken friendships, repaired friendships, and crushes.

So yeah…


There’s a lot of it. So far, I’ve really been enjoying the series though. Here are a couple of the key characters that we’ll be following throughout the series.


The Dancers

The Dancers

The Musicians

The Singers1

The Singers2

The Artists

The Artists

So yeah — you see my point right? Wayyyy too many main characters to follow. I think the way it’s stitched together is done pretty well though, because you see what’s happening in all their lives on one timeline.

However, like I said, in the beginning, it can be confusing.



The show uses a documentary style, similar to many shows like Liv and Maddie. In this show though, I do feel that the characters blurt out their thoughts half the time instead of letting their facials expressions tell use how they’re feeling. The confessionals that can be found on Youtube after every episode don’t help with that either. Personally I don’t watch them but, I’d love for the characters to emote more.

Other than that, my one real critique is that the characters don’t seem to grow very much. Obviously, as the show continues and more of their personality is revealed, I definitely think they’ll grow on me and become actual people instead of just characters, but as of right now, there has been a lot of drama, and not enough actual growth among the characters.

I mean sure, you get in a fight with your friend, but it’s how you resolve it, and how you change from the experience that makes something like this interesting. 🙂

I think this show relies a lot on drama right now, but I’d really like to see more from it than just drama.

But can I just say — I absolutely love love love the music in this show! You can find it on Spotify under Backstage Cast. It’s so catchy!

Here’s a sample of the theme song actually:

Can I just say, the cast on this show have some serious skill?!?

The dancers are really great at dancing, the musicians have serious pipes and skills with their instruments (although I’ve only really seen voice artists and not


alya and miles

 I mean, despite a few of my critiques, I’m actually really enjoying the show. I anticipate every episode that comes out and I watch it right away. 🙂

I really like how realistic it all seems. I mean, high school itself is dramatic enough, but to add in the pressure of going to top-notch school that could shape an entire career.

I also really like the artistic components they weave into the show. For example, the characters on a dance track have dance showcases and duets to work on, while characters on a music track have to produce music and challenges with different genres of music. I think that makes it so much more realistic, and is really fun to watch and listen to as a viewer. 🙂


I sincerely think this show has all the makings of a great show. Plus, it’s Canadian, so I automatically cheer for it. :p

Other than that, I really think this show is good at the moment, but it could be really good. Season 2 is coming out soon and I’m super excited!

Sound interesting to you? Watch the first few episodes and let me know what you think in a comment down below! 😀

On a side note, 3 of the cast members have released their own singles that I’ve been loving! I’ll leave the link to McKenzie Small (Scarlett), Josh Bogert (Miles), and Aviva Mongillo (Alya)’s singles down below!

Let me know if you loved their music as much as me down in the comments below and which one is your favorite. And don’t forget to check out Backstage Cast on Spotify for the music from the show. 😉

I’m going to be in New York for these next few days, so I’ll see you when I get back, and hopefully post something about my trip and what I did!

See you next post, 😉



7 thoughts on “Review | Backstage

  1. Wow,I haven’t watched the show but this was a flaptastic review Minerva,you should definetly do more! 😀 By the way,it’s so nice to have you back ❤
    To be honest,I was looking for a cool teen show to watch this summer,but I don't like shows with too much drama :/ should I still give this a try or..?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Personally, I still love the show even though it’s a little on the dramatic side. That being said, I’d try it out and see what you like, otherwise, I’d go for a comedy like Liv and Maddie, Girl Meets World, or Stuck in the Middle 🙂


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