Meet & Greets?

Hey guys!

So it was recently brought to my attention by a very awesome Quicksilver that we should organize meet and greets with other fellow PBC members.

I think it’s a great idea, so props to Quicksilver for her awesome idea-generating brain!

So I thought about her idea a little.

And thought some more.

And I finally worked out a system to get it to work. 😀

So here’s how this is going to work:

Each PBC member who signs up as a Host will pick a time, timezone, date, game/world thing, and server/location (if applicable) to meet with. The meetups will be as short or long as you guys want, and anyone can come and visit. 😀

If you’re interested in being a Host, leave me a comment edit: scratch that – I made a form to fill out below containing all the above information so I can pop it into a spreadsheet (because those things are awesome) and arrange it all.

I’ll note that this is a flexible commitment: Hosts don’t have to be present for every hangout, although obviously it is best if they are. Even so, a meet up can continue without them. I will however, say that they should be present for at least half of the meet ups.

Obviously though, life gets in the way, so since that’s a thing, missing a meetup ever so often is not a huge deal. I know that I, myself can be quite busy at times with school and projects and all, so if I can’t be there, I can’t expect you all to be there.

So anyways, here’s an example:

          Echo Starsong

          Wednesdays — 9:00 pm 



I’ll leave the signup box open until… let’s say the 21st of May.

We’ll probably have this sort of event run for about 2 weeks in May (I’ll let you know exact dates on a later date) just to test it out. If it’s successful, we can even have it run as part of the 2016 Events Committee’s event most times.

Don’t know what platform to run on? Here are a couple ideas:



Animal Jam

Chat Box 

Anything goes really. I was even thinking if people play MapleStory (which I’m occasionally known to do), we could meet up. But then again, I feel like that’s pretty rare, especially considering that it’s not a web application.

Yeah – I know – I don’t actually have a chat box anymore. I made them but they go floating off to places so I’ll try to get one in here and I’ll try to get it to work this time.


So I guess… my platform is the chat box. I’ll leave the date and time/timezone later in a cool color once I’ve made up my very indecisive mind lol

So what do you guys think of this idea? If you’re interested, leave me the deets below and I’ll organize them nicely. 😉

Ummm…. don’t mind me… I’m just playing with some new things LOL

Anyways, I’m going to sign out here so —

Peace, have a great day, yada, yada, fly with you later!

(Yes, I’m aware — you’re probably all thinking that I’m absolutely bonkers… because I am. Things happen. I’ve been driven crazy.)

I don’t even know anymore.

See you next post — and hopefully I’ve become more sane by then!



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