Talented: The Journey Begins

Hey guys! How have you been? I’ve been pretty good myself – a bit busy if anything – but I was reading a book one day when I realized that I haven’t published a new chapter of Talented for a while.

Hopefully you guys are excited for it because it’s coming now…

Ready for it?

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Author’s Note: Do you even remember what happened last time? It’s been so long. Sorry it took me this long to wrap up the loose ends on this one — I’m almost done Chapter 4 now though, so I’ll hopefully release that soon! 

If you’ve forgotten the endeavors of Endeavors (ha), click here to remind yourself! 

Without further ado — let’s begin. 

Chapter 3: The Journey Begins

5398 Birchbark Circle.

Faith Eveningswirls clutched the slip of leaf paper in her hands and chanted the address, looking for the sign that marked the home of Melody Snowsong.

She stopped in front of a small bungalow dug into a tree. The plaque at the front announced: Melody Snowsong, Tinker Talent.

She rapped on the door. “Just come in!” A muffled yell.

Her friend’s curly black and purple hair was crazier than usual. It was apparent that she had not taken the time to tame it that morning. Instead, she was standing in the middle of her brushed wooden floor, staring a papyrus page in her hand, which was shaking slightly.

A nondescript envelope was sitting on the coffee table but Melody was too busy drinking in the letter’s words to pay attention.

Faith coughed to bring her friend to full consciousness.

“Oh!” Melody’s head shot up to meet her guest’s eyes. “Sorry,” she said distractedly. “It looks like Tink needs me to run a few errands to fix a small problem going on right now.”

“Oh no,” Faith reached over to touch the papyrus. “Can I do anything to help?” Truth be told, she wouldn’t be any use, but she purely wanted to ask Melody a question that had been nagging her since her first day in Pixie Hollow.

“Uh no,” Melody said bluntly. “It’s a Tinker job.”

“Oh all right,” Faith deflated. “We can still go to breakfast together right?”

“Sure, why don’t we head out right now?”


“Can I ask you something?” Faith took out her leaf journal from her bottomless pouch, deciding to make like a water talent and go with the flow.

“Uh yeah anything.”

“Can you tell me about Membership?”

Melody’s eyes widened. She glanced around hurriedly, as if looking for other pixies floating around. But it was just before breakfast at the Tearoom and most fairies had already left in sheer anticipation.

“H-how did you hear about already?” A frantic whisper.

“Uh, I went to Summit Style and the shop owner there mentioned it.” Faith stuttered, slightly taken aback by Melody’s reaction.

Her friend sighed. “You shouldn’t have gone there. There’s nothing there for Community fairies and the Members will just snob you,” she said.

“All of them?”

“Well, I don’t really know any but all the ones I’ve met seem really snobbish!” Melody replied defensively.

“You shouldn’t say that,” Faith replied, ever the optimist. “I bet some of them are really nice!”

Right,” Melody snorted. “If you count a hawk as nice I guess you could say that.”

“I really just want to know what it’s about though,” Faith persisted.

Her friend sighed. “Alright. It’s Pixie Hollow’s most exclusive club.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, nobody but the Members know how to gain access. They keep it all hushed up, if you know what I mean.” Melody raised her eyebrows dramatically to signify that she should keep this information to herself.

“Word is,” she said, her voice low. “Members have to pay a substantial price to be admitted. I hear it’s like selling your voice to Ursula. Though I suppose it’s worth it, there’s a lot of debate as to what that price would be among us Community Fairies.”

“What — you don’t know?” Faith stared at her friend, a little shocked.

Melody shook her head. “Apparently it’s something you can do at any moment in your pixie life here, but we can’t figure out what. And then there are those fairies lucky enough to enter Pixie Hollow having already paid the price… But if you don’t pay every month, you’ll be stripped of your Member status. I hear it’s a painful agreement to be in. I guess it’s some sort of test, but I’m no expert.”

Melody laughed bitterly, not looking at all like the smiling girl with wild black and purple curls from that morning. Faith was surprised to see how much her new friend’s features had contorted at the member of Membership.

“It must be a Great Divide,” Faith thought sadly.

“Listen Faith,” Melody said sharply. “Don’t get yourself involved in this. It’s an agreement us Community Fairies can’t afford.”


The silence was unbearably awkward.

“It’s getting late,” Melody shielded her eyes from the midday sun. She was avoiding Faith’s eyes. The fairies were in Havendish Square, watching the others chat by the stream. “I should probably get to that meeting. You coming?”

“Oh not today,” Faith smiled. “I think I want to go visit the Library today and see if I can find any good reads.”

“Ok then suit yourself,” Melody stood up and brushed a piece of dust from her dress. “You know how to get home from the Library right?”

Faith nodded.

“Ok then; I’ll see you tomorrow. Use the Friend List option in your Journal to find me if something happens. The Fly to Me option will light up a path to guide you to me.”

“I wonder how that works.” Faith mused out loud.

“It works how everything works in Pixie Hollow. Faith, trust, and a little Pixie Dust. Actually, mostly just the dust.” Melody lifted herself into the air and flew off to

Faith walked across Havendish Square to the Home Tree Library and pushed open the golden double doors. It was a book lover’s heaven. Huge bookshelves made with golden oak trees lined with volumes of every colour and type filled the enormous space.Most of the light in the Library came from the multicolored paths – one color per section – that winded around the shelves like glimmering serpents, and a few torches that lined the magically fire retardant shelves. A fairy could get herself lost in there for days if there weren’t magically lit signs lighting the path.

She walked up to the librarian’s desk. “Excuse me,” she called softly. “Um, I was wondering where the guides to Pixie Hollow are?”

A frazzled looking librarian sat up from underneath the desk. Her pink streaked hair was pulled into a loose bun. “Uh, over there by the Restricted Book section,” she said, pointing to the left. She then jumped back down beneath the desk to take care of her matters.

“Uh, ok thanks,” Faith responded, before walking over to the left and following the lit path to the Guides section.

She wandered through the monotonous, yet glamourous shelves, not really aware of where she was going. Suddenly, the lit path darkened before disappearing entirely. Faith was submerged in a dim light that flickered from the single torch that lit the section. She picked up the torch from it’s holder on a lone shelf that was an unpolished gold shade.

“Oh no,” she moaned. “I can hardly see the books from here. Good thing the shelves are fire retardant otherwise I’ll probably drop it on the shelf and set this whole place on fire. Just my luck.”

An idea struck her head as if she had been hit with it. “I could use some basic picking-up magic that Melody taught me,” she mused. “It was easy enough right…? Let’s see.”

She reached into her pouch and pulled out 2 smidges of the Pixie Dust Terrence had given her that morning. Gently, she blew on it and muttered a quick spell.

          Beware, forswear;

          Find the book I seek out of thin air.

The dust glistened in the musky air before disappearing to find her Guide to Pixie Hollow. It returned with a dusty leather bound volume. The flame of her torch was dimming and she had to find the path again.

It was by pure luck that she spotted a blue path snaking through the shelves ahead of her that she was able to find her way back to the main atrium. She pulled the volume against her dress and flew outside the Home Tree Library to her home in East Starlight Rock.

Upon entering her sunflower home, she took out the book and dusted off the pages. In small, embossed leaf-letters, she carefully read the words:

          Talentry Booke — The Study of True Talent

          by Lyric Neverbreeze

So what do you think? Something’s happened that Faith won’t be able to back out of. How do you think she’ll react? Do you think she’ll freak? Where do you think the story will go next? Leave me a comment letting me know your thoughts! (I’m all ears :D)

Sidenote: Marigold mentioned that Sofia Carson (Evie from Descendents, which you know I love), released her first single, Love Is The Name! I’ll leave it and Mal’s new cover of Genie in a Bottle for your viewing pleasure if you (like me) want to see it. 🙂

So sorry that I’ve been away of sorts for a little way. You know how it is — life catches up on you. But either way:

See you all next post — which may come sooner than you’d think. 😉



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