Stories, Worlize and Easter Egg Hunts

Ooooh a new contest! 😀 I’m definitely participating in this one — are you?

Pixie Hollow - Our Biggest Secret

Hey guys,

Guess who’s back? Hint – (She has an obsession with chocolate, purple and smoothies)

That’s right, it’s me! 😀

Easter has provided me with four days off school (a long LONG weekend), so I plan to get a bucket load of writing (and chocolate-eating) crammed into it. 😉

With luck, Birthday Surprises will be ready to release over this weekend (no promises, though) – so stay tuned! 😉

Quick status update on Worlize: We’re still open, but the ‘Plea For Help” room still hasn’t disappeared. Thank you to all the PEF members who have been helping out with our Worlize mission and to everyone who has taken the time to do the survey. If you haven’t taken the survey yet, please click here to take the survey, here to learn more about the PEF or here to find out more information about Worlize closing. 🙂

Seeing as the Worlize Catastrophe…

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