Descendants – The Game | Tips and Tricks

Fly with you pixies!

If you caught my last post on the new (ish — I actually don’t know when it was released) Descendants game, you would know that I’ve been playing it as of late and have been unhealthily obsessed enjoying it.


Now the game is focused on a Mission based idea, which basically translates to the fact that you won’t be playing this thing 24/7. Personally, I like it better that way, since I can just kind of pop in and out every once in a while to check on the progress. Either way, I picked up a couple tricks that can be used to further your Legend status as you play.


1. Efficient Mission-completing

I’m aware that’s not a word :p

But as I go and complete missions, I’m noticing a pretty interesting pattern. But let’s start with the point: since you have a limited amount of Energy (Apples), using your Energy on the tasks that generate the same amount of shields as the energy you put into it helps you finish the mission sooner.

I’m probably not making sense, so an example is coming. Say you put 6 energy apple things into a task, but you only get 4 shields to add to your Mission completion bar. That’s less effective than if you did 3 tasks, all of 2 energy apple things and get 2 out of each task. One literally gives you double the shields than the other.


It was the same way for the Kim K game too actually. For that reason, I personally tend to avoid the larger tasks until the last possible moment.

Small tip: when you’ve got little coins and books dropping to the bottom when you use some Energy, make sure to pick them up by tapping on them.

Why – you might ask? Well it’s because doing so actually speeds up the time it takes for your Energy to regenerate. Well ok. So it’s by like 3 seconds or something like that. But hey, it’s something right? :p


2. Clickables

You guys probably already knew that clicking around the scenes at various objects can actually get you more coins, books, and also ENERGY. 😀

Do you know the locations of all of them? If your answer is no, I’ll show some of what I’ve found so far. There are so many locations, I’ll probably put the full compilation on another post. For now, I’ll show you some locations you may or may not have known were clickable 😉





How many of those did you know before? 🙂


3. Free Gems

So if you’ve been playing for a while, you’d notice that a lot of cool clothing choices in your closet must be paid for with gems. They’re hard to come by if you just go by the game; you’ll get them when you complete an accomplishment, or if you level up, but other than that, there’s not much income there.


This isn’t even much of a secret, but at the top of the screen, you’ll see your progress bars stating how many gems, coins, or anything you have. Right beneath the numbers, you’ll see a little banner advertising free gems, coins, or energy. You can click on it to watch a short little ad for 1 gem, 50 coins, or 1 energy.

Duh right?

The secret-ish part of it is how long it actually lets you keep earning. Most games I’ve played in the past only allow you about 2 per day.

This game though, lets you go on for quite a while. The first time I was testing it, I went from about 400 to 1200 coins in one commercial-watching binge-fest.

And then after that it allowed me to watch more commercials for gems. Let’s just say there’s no shortage of them.


Actually the banners did disappear for me for about a day or two, probably because I watched so many.

But there you go! Quick (ish) and very easy way to earn some gems! Or coins for that matter, but it’s better spent on gems in my opinion. 😉


4. Clothing from BFFs

Actually it was Marigold Sunjewel that told me about this one, so props to her! Thanks! 😀

She said that after completing a 3 hour hang out (because we’re cool like that) with Evie, she received this gorgeous purple dress for her character, Alyssa.

Well, out of curiosity, I tested out a theory of mine and did nothing but hang out with different characters for about 4 days. I noticed that every time you became level 3 BFFs, your character received a new piece of clothing for his/her closet!

I actually don’t have the clothing from everyone yet (most though), but here’s what I do have so far:


The hairstyles, from left to right are from Jay, Carlos, and Audrey.


The topmost outfit is from Mal (could you guess? :P), the purple dress is from Evie, the blue and black striped polo is from Ben, and the pink dress is from Jane.

The only one I actually don’t have yet is Doug’s, but I’ll get it soon and let you know what it is. 🙂

Actually I have a theory that every time you reach a certain mark in BFFness (not a word, I know), your BFF will give you a piece of clothing, hair, etc. I’m actually looking forward to see whether or not we’ll be given a pair of shoes, an accessory, or super-cool pants!


5. Hidden Clothing

Did you know that if you scroll to the very bottom of your wardrobe – which takes a bit of time, just because the options are pretty extensive – you’ll get a couple sets of FREE clothing?

Probably not right?

I actually discovered this by chance lol. It’s pretty cool because you can play dress up as all of the characters from Descendants!

Well, all the female ones at least. I presume that it’s the same for the male characters of the movie if your game character is a guy.


I absolutely adore the hat LOL. IMG_1862

YAYYYYY shoes!IMG_1863

If you’re wondering about the pieces with the different colour backgrounds, those (I assume) appear after you complete a series of quests – I will call them arcs – with Evie about designing a VK fashion label. Evie gives you some free outfits, shoes, and accessories!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that those are actually the clothes worn by the characters in the game/movie!

The purple outfit is Mal’s, the blue is Evie’s, and the red one, I believe is actually Freddie’s, from Descendants: Wicked World.

Then we’ve got all the Auradon kid’s outfits: Audrey’s is the pink dress, Lonnie’s is the pink and blue, Jane’s is the periwinkle, and I do believe that the last one belongs to Jordan.

You actually get to meet Jordan a little lot after you unlock the Carnival Grounds location in the game – yaysies!


So how many of these did you know?

If you have some other tips and tricks, please let me know so I can try them out and add them to the list! I’m sure I’ll discover more as I go along, so I might make another installment if I find enough. 🙂

This is actually a pretty brief list of all the little tricks that I’ve noticed throughout my gameplay with the Descendants game. I can actually think of a few more that I didn’t incorporate…

I’m too lazy to do it now. :p

On a sidenote, I’m now on spring break, which means that I hopefully am able to complete a lot of my stories and work on my art (as well as my school work, of course!)

Sidenote the second, did you notice that I created a new section for Descendants? That’s where I’m organizing ALL my future Descendants related stuff! (There’s actually going to be another post on this matter coming VERY soon…)

Sidenote the third, today is March 14th and we all know what this means….



YAYYYYYY HAPPY PI DAY! Make sure you all eat LOTS of PI! 😀

Harharharrrr I’m so punny!

Please laugh.

Lol ok for reals, I’ll see you guys next post, which will hopefully be the next installment of Talented. 😉

Wings crossed!



14 thoughts on “Descendants – The Game | Tips and Tricks

  1. Loved this post, Minerva! 😀
    I’m also unhealthily obsessed with this game…Thank goodness you can’t play it 24/7 like PH, or else I would be in trouble 😛
    Great tips! I never knew there were FREE clothes and accessories at the bottom of the lists!!!!!!!!!! I love dressing up my character accordingly when she’s in a play, playing Tourney, etc., so this will make things even more fun!!! ❤
    One helpful tip I would like to share is when you're on a mission or hanging out with a BFF, try to always select the tasks that will earn you accomplishment points, because earning the accomplishment will ALWAYS give you more energy (apples)! For example, if you're hanging out with a BFF, select "Serious Moment" whenever it appears to earn the "BFF Forever" accomplishment. Works like a charm 😉
    Have you found a clickable at the School Entrance??? That's the only location where I haven't found one 😦 My favorite clickable is the bird's nest in the forest – that bird can sure stuff a bunch of stuff in there! 😉

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Hmm…I just checked for the free clothes and accessories, and they’re not showing up on my lists…Maybe you have to complete certain missions and/or be a certain level to see them??? I guess it’s something to look forward to 😉

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Hmmm I think that might be the case — I wouldn’t know since I just discovered them one day…

        I literally just discovered the dresses yesterday so I don’t really have an idea of when they popped up lol!

        I’m at level 18 – legend 3 – just to give you an idea of when you’ll probably find them. 😉

        Liked by 2 people

      1. I should have guessed that you already knew about all this 😉
        Yes, I knew it was a cover of Christina’s song, but I liked the subtle lyric changes in Mal’s version to make it more “Disney-friendly” 🙂 Mal (Dove Cameron) has such a pretty voice, so I thought it was a great cover! 😀

        Did you know that Sofia Carson (Evie) just released her first solo album earlier this month?


      2. LOL yeah! I was going to do a post on it hoping that it would be a new short for Descendents, but then it wasn’t so….
        It’s still a great video though! 🙂
        And yes — I also knew about Sofia’s new single! It’s called Love Is The Name. Haven’t heard it yet though 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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