Rencontrez mes fées françaises!

Bonjour tout le monde! Comment allez-vous?

So a couple things going on:

First off, I just released the second chapter of Talented, so check that out if you haven’t already by clicking here. 😀

Secondly, Marigold Sunjewel brought to my attention that the only Create A Fairy still open is Disney Fairies France.

Luckily, I am pretty familiar with the French language so I was able to play without Google Translate’s help.

Anyway, I recreated my three main AthenaGrace fairies on France so I’ll just give you a brief introduction if you want to meet them!

For argument’s sake, let’s say that these new fairies are my French cousins 😀

Elles parlent le français mieux que moi, mais j’ai appris un peu a l’école car c’est la loi. Pour cette raison, nous pouvons discuter toujours ensemble quand nous nous avons un rendez-vous avec toute la famille.

Translated: they speak French (way) better than me, but I learned a bit at school (because regulations). For this reason, we can always talk together when we have family get-togethers 🙂

Let’s get to know them — shall we? 😀


All their names are different from those of mine and my sisters — that’s just because in France, names like Minerva or Echo aren’t common. Funnily enough, Stella is a French name, but the one that looks like Stella isn’t named Stella…

Sidenote: Have any of you noticed the glitch where after you create the fairy, it’s pretty much impossible to go back in and play with her? (This is happening to me a lot; at least for Gisèle). Most of the gameplay is pretty smooth, except when I try to enter the house-decorating mode. It just… stops working…

None of us are identical actually — we just look similar to one another, which I think is pretty cool. 🙂

Anyways without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to my French cousins:


Coriandre Étoile grâce (Coriander Stargrace)


Click the links above to be guided to their Pixie Pages~




Gisèle is the one that’s most like me (Minerva). 🙂 Whenever we get together, it’s always a good time because we have some many things in common. I always pick up some French lingo (and her, English) whenever we see each other.

She’s the studious, imaginative one that’s always got her head stuck in a book. We have the same go-with-the-flow type attitude expected of water-talents. Actually we share the same love for petit fours, so there’s a lot in common. 🙂

6939 Great Thistle HollowGisele's home

Come visit her in Twilight Valley!


Coriandre Étoile grâce


Coriandre Étoile grâce (translated: Coriander Stargrace) is a garden-talent, unlike the one she looks like, Echo Starsong. She, like Echo, is the pretty, delicate one in the family and is really into looking her best, as garden-talents do. 😉

Coriandre doesn’t really like messy things though, while Echo is known to hole up in her Tinker’s Nook and work on projects every once in a while, making a mess of everything. :p

8004 Shady Whisper Canyoncoriandre's home

Visit her at the Misty Lakes!




Solène (Stella’s French counterpart) is a light-talent, just like Stella. She can be quite a tomboy.

She and Stella have a blast whenever they see each other, and are (unfortunately) the pranksters of the family. They enjoy (a bit too much, in my opinion :p) going around and setting up pranks to pull on everyone else.

Like for example, the time when they put paint in one of those clown-flower things and painted Coriandre and Echo’s dresses a nice neon orange. 😉

The rest of us LOLed so hard at that :p

8057 Misty Elm PathSolene's home

Swing a visit by her when you visit Marigold Meadow! 


Notice anything? My French cousins actually have our rotated eye colors!

Gisèle got Echo’s blue eyes, Coriandre got Stella’s violet eyes, and Solène got my green eyes.

Just a little thing I wanted to point out. 😉

I actually want do write a little short thing about a family reunion between these 6 fairies… (idea creds to Raven — I promise no plagiarism — maybe we could collab? Just an idea :))

Do you also have French cousins? If you do, pop mine a visit and we can be friends! 😉

See you all next post!



11 thoughts on “Rencontrez mes fées françaises!

  1. By the way, Stella & the Pixies just posted that Disney Fairies España (Spain) still has their Create A Fairy page, too!!! 😀 Who knew there were so many Disney Fairies sites out there?!? O_o
    Anyway, I’ve been having a difficult time with the France site since I don’t speak any French (and Chrome translate only fixes page text not images with text), but I’m currently studying Spanish, so the ES version has been way easier for me 😉 I’ll be posting about it soon, but here’s the link if you want to check it out in the meantime:

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