Blog Bomb: Crystal Cutetwinkle

Time to blog bomb! Let’s get int it guys!

Marigold's Musings

Hi, Pixies!

As the Head of the PEF Bloggers, I want to start something new that I would like to call Blog Bombing 😀

It’s pretty simple: I choose a pixie’s blog at random (active or inactive), I publish a post containing the blog’s link and current stats, and I ask everyone to take 5 minutes to visit the blog, click “Like” on several of the posts/pages, and leave a comment or two (or more!) to encourage the blog owner to keep blogging and participate in our Pixie Blogging Community.

If all goes as planned, this “Blog Bomb” will dramatically increase the blog’s activity within a short period of time, and thus alerting the blog owner to check out why their blog is suddenly under attack so popular 😉

Sound easy enough? I hope so, because I need all the help I can get to make this work! 🙂

Ok, first…

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8 thoughts on “Blog Bomb: Crystal Cutetwinkle

      1. I haven’t been playing very long, but it’s super fun so far! Way better than the Kim Kardashian game 😉
        By the way, since it will probably be a bit before I publish a post on this, I’ll let you know that my character’s name is Alyssa – daughter of Alice from “Alice in Wonderland” 🙂 Her favorite spot is the Cathedral Courtyard for obvious reasons 😉

        Is there any way for my character to meet yours?

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      2. Thanks, Minerva! 😀 I really put a lot of thought into it. I was going to name her Allison, but that just seemed too “normal” for Alice’s daughter, so I went with Alyssa since the name is more unusual 😉

        I just loaded the update for the game that allows you to be BFFs with the AKs and VKs, so that’s one step closer to our characters hanging out 🙂

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      3. Ooh I haven’t seen that update yet! (My phone just updates stuff whenever connected to wifi)
        Can’t wait to get to know the AKs and VKs at Auradon so we can all be besties. 🙂

        I think it would be really interesting to see if they actually implement a system that allows players to hang out with other players. It would probably require some servers, but considering the fact that I’ve never actually seen it on a game like this one…
        Well one can hope anyway 😉

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      4. Same here with the updates, but the game kept stalling randomly and not showing my game controls at the bottom of the screen (which was a MAJOR problem), so I checked to see if an update was available and that’s when I found out about the BFF thing 🙂

        Yeah, I’m guessing it’s a bit far fetched to hope that our characters could hang out together in real time…Guess I’m still living in the Pixie Hollow days 😉

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