Talented: Endeavors

Hey guys! I teased a bit of this chapter a few days ago so now I’m deciding to release it! This section was actually originally half a chapter but then it was like, 7 pages long…

So I cut it into 2. As such, I’ve already begun writing Chapter 4 🙂

Right so here’s chapter 2 of the story I’ve been working on as of late: Talented. Hope you enjoy 🙂


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Author’s Note: Right so last time we saw the beginning of a new friendship between Melody and Faith. Something important may or may not be going down. It may or may not be a groundbreaking event that changes Faith’s new friendship and life.

Fun fact: this chapter and the next one were actually part of the same chapter. What?!? I know right! Chapter 2 would have been like 7 pages long in my document, but I decided to chop it in half. 🙂

But you heard nothing from me. I gave nothing away. I think.

Just read on; always enjoy.


Chapter 2: Endeavors

“So what have you seen so far of our fair Hollow?” Melody Snowsong struck her hands out in dramatic jazz hands.

“Um…not very much,” Faith Eveningswirls giggled into her hand.

After the second unfortunate incident, Melody had invited Faith to the Tearoom to “compensate for any potential injuries” the following morning. Faith had been reluctant at first, but agreed once Melody insisted, saying it was “on her”.

“One Fairy Tea Service,” a waiter set a fancy silver three-tier tray down on their table. He tossed his caramel-colored hair, scribbled something down on the notepad, and flashed the 2 fairies a megawatt smile before flying off.

“Oh my stars,” Melody sighed, fanning herself. “Now he was a vision.”

Faith laughed at her new friend. “You sound over 500 years old. Somebody has a thing for the waiiiittteeeerrrr,” she drawled, teasing her.

“Well yes –  I mean no – I mean, can you blame me? He was nice!”

“Right, nice.”

Faith picked up a watercress sandwich and took a bite. “Mmm dee-lish.”

Melody looked relieved for a change of topic. “Yep, the Tearoom has the best fairy cakes, scones, sandwiches, and tea in the entire Hollow. They’re all made specially by Dulcie and her team every morning.”

“Huh,” Faith glanced around, impressed. “Must be expensive.”

“Only if you order the Tea Service,” Melody shrugged. “It’s mostly a Member thing but us, community fairies can get it for a diamond.” She rubbed two fingers together, raising her eyebrows.

“Oh,” Faith blushed. “You shouldn’t have ordered one for a fairy you just met then.”

“Why not?” Melody looked confused. “I have to be liable for any damage I’ve done. Plus you’re my friend.” She winked.

Faith’s spirits lifted. She liked that word, even though nobody had ever called her that before.

A friend.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

“Now, where exactly haven’t you visited yet?” Melody pulled out her map and examined it with serious concentration.

“That would be pretty much everywhere,” Faith poured the cup of pixie dust she had collected for the first time from Terence over her head. The glittery golden dust streamed down her shoulders before being absorbed by her body.

“Right then, we have to go on a tour then!” Melody tucked the map away and clasped Faith’s hands in her own. “I know just where to start!”

She pulled Faith’s hands up as she flapped her wings and took to the sky. With a enormous effort from her wings helped by the new dose of dust, she streamed across the sky in a burst of speed. Faith was dragged along behind her, rather taken aback by her friend’s dangerous flying.

When Melody finally touched down, Faith was frazzled, panting, and generally overwhelmed by the situation.

“What you need,” she declared, spreading her arms out widely. “Is a day at the hair salon! Schelly will know just what to do with your hair.”

“Um, ok?” Faith smiled meekly, unsure if she had a choice at that particular moment. She let herself get pushed to the door of the overturned coconut shop that she had spotted the day before at Palm Tree Cove.

Faith stood at the doorway, gawking at the store. Fairies reclined on large clam seats, getting their hair teased, combed, cut, and curled by glamorous hairdresser talents. The sand beneath her dandelion slippered feet was soft and decorative pebbles traced swirls in gold. Fairy lanterns lined the walls, setting the entire room in a soft, delicate light.

“Schelly!” Melody called in a singsong voice as she swung open the door, jangling a seashell chime that announced her arrival. “I have a new mission for you!”

A pretty dark-skinned fairy turned around, with a sparkle in her eyes. She held a pair of sheers in one hand and brushed a stray piece of long black hair out of her eye.

“Oh hey Melody! Looking to change your hairstyle again so soon? You’ll be out of diamonds at this rate.”

“Already out,” Melody said dismissively, waving her hand in the air. “I’ll just have to help out in the community a little more. Big deal. Anyway, I’m here today for a different reason: this one right here behind me.”

She struck her hands out in a jazz-hand pose, putting the spotlight on Faith. Melody had a thing for theatrics.

“Hmm,” Schelly examined Faith’s chestnut blond locks. “I can definitely work with this. You have beautiful hair m’dear.”

“Uh, thanks,” Faith stuttered. “I don’t really need my hair styled or anything. I’m not really into things like that.”

Schelly raised her brow ever so slightly. “Lack of confidence,” she muttered. “Either way,” she added more brightly. “I can fix this situation. A little hairspray never hurt nobody!”

She sat Faith down on a clam and began to fuss with the new project in front of her, muttering indescribable things to herself.

“So dear,” she said. “Do you have any ideas as to what you want your hair to look like when this is over?”

“Uh, I don’t really know. Surprise me?” Faith smiled meekly.

The hairdresser tsked at her but began a process of combing, snipping, curling, teasing, and overall fussing with the chestnut blond head of hair. Throughout the process, Faith was not allowed to look at herself. Melody was silenced from commentary.

At last, Schelly held a mirror in front of the newly improved Faith. “What do you think?” She asked smugly.

Her hair was still short, but it had been tamed and tousled in a carefree manner. Schelly had rearranged the front of the hair into a part that kept the hair off her forehead, but still framed her face. With a bit of magic, her dull almost bronze hair had been lighted by weaving in some blonde highlights.

“I love it!” In a very un-Faith-like action, she leaped up and hugged the hairdresser.

“Glad you  do.” Schelly smiled. “Tell you what, since you just arrived and because you’re a sweetheart, I’ll give you a discount. That’ll only cost you 2 diamonds.”

“Oh. Ok thank you!” Faith pulled out her pouch and withdrew 2 shining diamonds and handed them over.

The hairdresser held them up to the light and examined them before nodding and putting them in the cash register. “Come back soon!”

“It was nice of her to give me a discount,” Faith beamed at her new hairstyle, admiring the lightened look of it. Schelly had definitely breathed new life into her old and boring locks.

“Told you she was the best,” Melody replied, although she seemed withdrawn from the conversation. She closed her eyes.

“Melody?” Faith waved her hand in front of her friend’s face. Her violet eyes popped open in surprise.

“Uh, yes? What is it?” Melody smiled, but it was obvious her heart wasn’t into it. Faith wondered what had bothered her friend. “Sorry I’m just feeling a little tired,” Melody said quickly, closing off the topic.

Faith regarded the curly-haired fairy in an odd light. “All right,” she replied. “If you’re sure.”

“Hey,” Melody said quickly. “Why don’t you come by my house tomorrow and we’ll head to breakfast together?”

“Oh uh… sure!” Faith brightened considerably. “But I don’t know where you –”

Melody flipped open her leaf journal and tore a corner of piece of leaf paper from the Notes pages. Whipping out a pen, she scribbled – barely legible – 5398 Birchbark Circle. Shoving the note into Faith’s hands, she flew off without another word.

“Alright,” Faith called. “See you tomorrow!”

It is more than likely that Melody didn’t hear what Faith’s words as she no more than a speck in the distance at that point.


Did you find the super important life-changing event that was supposed to be hidden in this chapter? Go find it. No seriously, I’ll wait for you.

Found it?

If not, pat yourself on the back because there was none. 😛 Muahahaha

Sorry. :p

So originally, there was going to be this huge thing that was going to pull the entire plot together and all that stuff — I spare you the details. However, that huge plot-device got shifted to another chapter somewhere (literally the next one) so you’ll see it there.

I’ve actually already written the next chapter so it may or may not (probably the former) be a quick release as soon as I get my ideas down for Chapter 4. 🙂

Next chapter will be a good one. I promise.

See you next post,



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