Talented: Arrival

Hey guys!

I know I promised the release of Her Majesty before Talented, but I actually finished this in one go, when I was feeling particularly inspired.

Anyways, this is the first chapter of one of the stories I’m working on: Talented.


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Author’s Note: This started off as an experimentation, and I was originally going to put this entire story as a tale told through journal entries. Either way, it ended up like this. Even though I actually wrote this in one go, I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

I can’t wait to see where this will take me and as always: enjoy.


Chapter 1: Arrival

The chattering of fairies and the scent of dew filled the air of Dewdrop Vale. Clusters of friends chatted animatedly as a large group of sparrowmen played Acornball. The evening set the dew sitting on blades of grass ablaze.

A fairy touched down onto a petunia petal. Her chestnut-blond locks waved in the gentle breeze and cascaded down her clean, white dandelion gown – the uniform for new arrivals. A dark-haired fairy with French-toast coloured complexion donning a bright yellow sundress hovered in the air next to her.

“This is Dewdrop Vale,” Iridessa explained. “Many fairies and sparrowmen come to enjoy the sun and the brook.”

She reached into her leaf bag and stuffed a leaf journal, pouch, compass, and map into the arms of the new arrival.

“This is where I leave you, Faith. Silvermist’s grotto is right over there if you need something,” she said. “Fly with you sunbeam!”

The new arrival watched her mentor leave until she was gone.

Faith Eveningswirls thought about her Arrival Ceremony. When it was time to choose her name, a large scroll had been shoved into her arms. A smidge of pixie dust had swirled towards her in the gentle breeze, glittering against the setting sun. She had declared her choice, the Queen smiled proudly and Dessa had strode forward declaring herself as the mentor.

Faith sighed and opened her leaf journal. Her signature sat on the back of the cover, with the words “Light Talent” embossed below. She flipped through the journal, noting the To-do list, and space for keeping track of wardrobe and furniture.

Suddenly she felt a joust in her side. The journal was knocked out of her hands and fell to the ground, where it narrowly missed a swim in the brook.

Faith turned around indignantly, where she saw a black-haired fairy with wild violet streaked curls. She was also wearing a white dandelion gown, but dressed up with meadow flowers.

“Oh my stars I’m sooooooo sorry!” Curly exclaimed. “I totally wasn’t looking where I was going!” She swooped down and picked up the journal, returning it to Faith.

“Newbies,” a stylish fairy fluttered past, whisper-coughing snarkily. Her dark hair was tied into a chic knot; she was dressed in what had to be the latest couture; a silk scarf was tossed artfully around her slender neck.

Faith’s cheeks burned. “Don’t worry about it,” she mumbled to Curly. She needed to look less newbie; she fluttered off to Acorn Summit to get some new clothes pronto.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

A giant… acorn?

Faith glanced at her map. “I think this is it,” she muttered to herself. She cleared the area of ingredients – pixie currency – and taking a deep breath, pushed open the door.

The inside of Summit Style was a polished golden brown colour. A shiny crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling. Mirrors sat in every corner; mannequins displayed the latest styles.

“Diva Wings!” A fairy dressed in teal and white called to a dark-skinned pixie donning a long black gown.

Diva Wings turned around. A white rose was pinned above her ear. “Finding what you need, Kylee?”

“Yes I’ll take these,” Kylee said, pulling out a brown jacket and a floral skirt. Her red hair was cut to her chin and carefully tousled. Goodness is everyone here so fashionable?

“Fabulous,” Diva Wings purred. “That’ll be 85 maple leaves.”

Kylee nodded, pulling the leaves out of her pouch and handing them over. She scribbled something into her journal, holding her purchases in a shopping bag.

Faith pretended to rummage through the catalog for something suitable. A gauzy floral blouse with a bright pleated skirt caught her eye.

“Excuse me, how much are these?” She pointed out the items to Diva Wings.

The shopkeeper looked at her dubiously. “100 maple leaves or 20 diamonds. Can I see your Member crest?”

“Member crest?”

Diva Wings rolled her eyes. “Honey, it’s the most exclusive club in all of the Hollow. Members get exclusive access, more shopping opportunities, and a diamond allowance.”

“Uh, I don’t have a crest,” Faith said.

“Well then that’s too bad then,” the shopkeeper smiled condescendingly. “That’ll be 20 diamonds.”

“I… I don’t have that kind of money.” She opened her pouch and gazed sadly at her measly 8 diamonds.

“Darling, it’s ok. You’ll have to find some place else then,” Diva Wings soothed, looking guilty. “Try the Basics shop.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Faith fluttered by Palm Tree Cove.

“Everything here is so expensive,” she muttered, kicking a rock across the soft, golden sand. “And I bet all the fairies I ran into are Members.”

She glanced upward at an overturned coconut shell. A battered driftwood sign declared it to be a hair shop. She started to head in when she felt something slam into her side.

Faith lay sprawled on the sand as a fairy with wild black curls streaked with violet stood over her, a concerned look crossing her features.

“Oh my stars I’m so sorry!” Curly exclaimed, yet again. “I totally wasn’t – hey, don’t I know you?”

“You made me drop my journal earlier,” Faith reminded.

“Oh, that’s right!” Curly remembered, smacking her forehead. “Sorry ’bout that. I’ve got to stop running into you – literally!”

Faith smiled in spite of herself.

“My name is Melody Snowsong,” Curly said, touching one of her violet strands. “I arrived 4 sunrises ago.”

“Faith Eveningswirls. I just arrived today,” She reached forward and returned Melody’s handshake. 

“If we keep meeting like this, I guess that means we’re feeling the beginning of a great friendship.”


If you enjoyed that, please let me know down in the comments below! If you have any ideas on where you’d like the story to go, let me know and I just might find a way to incorporate it 🙂

See you next chapter,



5 thoughts on “Talented: Arrival

  1. I absolutely loved this, Minerva! ❤ Please write more soon!!! 😀

    I love that you're covering Members versus Community Fairies. That's actually the whole reason why I started my blog! 🙂

    Ok, ideas of where your story can go: Faith continuing to struggle fitting in not being a Member (maybe going to a party, trying to help in Member-only quests, etc.) and then meeting a few non-members who help her get new clothes and accessories by "secret means"…I'll leave it to you to figure out how to incorporate the secret codes 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Marigold! Glad you like — second chapter is still in progress so I’ll keep you all updated. 😉 I’m about halfway through right now.

      Well I figured if I would cover a Nonmember in the Hollow, I would have to go over this particular dispute. I can’t wait to build on that idea! Y’know I actually really like your idea, especially because I was still trying to tinker out that particular chink (there’s a part later on in the plot that requires friends so… I can’t have Faith be a loner). I originally wanted to incorporate the codes, but I’m still trying to figure out how. Loads of ideas though — let’s see which one works. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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