Talented: Prologue

Hey guys! As a bit of a Christmas present of sorts, I wanted to give you all a prologue/preview to a story I’ll be releasing soon: Talented. I did promise Her Majesty first but either way, here is a quick little idea of the story.


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Faith Eveningswirls shifted awkwardly in her seat. Though the room was lavishly decorated – purple, plush velvet seats with carved golden arms, shiny mahogany tables, floor-length, embroidered curtains in royal purple, a crystal skylight that spilled the sun – she stared at her hands miserably, as if they were bound together.

In a way, they were.

“Faith,” a stern-looking fairy with silver hair and piecing icy eyes – better known by every fairy in the Hollow as the Assistant – smiled at her pleasantly. It looked more like a grimace though; Faith could not be certain. “Would you care for a scone while you wait for the Queen? Dulcie baked them fresh.”

“Uh, no thanks,” Faith mumbled, looking lost. “You said the Queen requested an audience with me.”

The Assistant flashed her another cold smile. “Yes, she did, but the Queen is busy at the moment and will therefore, be a while.”

“Oh,” Faith turned around and saw a scribe sitting in the corner, awkwardly observing the situation. Blushing, she looked back down and twiddled her thumbs. “How much longer do you think she’ll -”

An elegant figure clothed in gold swept into the room. She stood at least 3 inches taller than both Faith and the Assistant. Her dark blond hair was pulled into a regal up-do, blue eyes glittering against tanned skin.

The Assistant saw her first. She pushed up her wire-rimmed glasses and gasped. “Your Majesty!” She bent her slight frame low into a curtsy.

The Queen nodded in her direction. “Hello Silver,” she greeted, using the Assistant’s real name – Silver Sundance. “If you don’t mind, planning for the Snowflake Ball needs to be completed.”

Silver gave a curt nod and scampered out of the room as Queen Clarion turned her attention onto the silent figure across from her.

Shoulder-length chestnut hair sun-bleached honey blond hid her features, but the Queen was quite familiar with Faith Eveningswirls’ – bright amber eyes, smattering of freckles across a ski-slope nose, rosebud lips, a creamy complexion. It would be denying the truth to call the girl’s memorable face anything but pretty.

The girl in question snapped her head up to notice the Queen herself in front of her. “Your Majesty,” she stammered. “I didn’t notice you there.” She dropped into a hasty curtsy.

Queen Clarion raised her hand to silence her. “Don’t worry about the small things Faith,” she said soothingly.

Faith nodded hesitantly.

“You might be wondering why I called you here,” the Queen said, not really waiting for a response. “I wanted to hear your story about what happened with… well, that.”

“Oh,” Faith squirmed uncomfortably. “Um, may I ask why? Is Melody…?”

The Queen smiled. “No, she is gone. I simply wanted to hear your story. There is a scribe to document the whole thing.”

The girl chewed on her lip thoughtfully, thinking it through. The scribe-talent in the corner leaned forward, eagerly seeking a new story to tell.

“It’s a long story,” Faith finally responded. “A long and complicated one. I haven’t told anybody.”

“That’s fine,” Queen Clarion smiled. “I’ve cleared my schedule for the entire afternoon. Would you care for a scone? Dulcie baked them fresh.”

“Uh, no thanks,” Faith said, shaking her head. “Why is the scribe there though?”

“Why to document your story, of course. Don’t worry, it will be put into the most remote part of the Library. Few fairies even know of the Archives, let alone be granted access.”

Faith pondered the idea for a moment.

“Very well,” she leaned back into her seat. “It began when I arrived…”


It’s honestly not much but you’ll get a full chapter in a matter of days so I didn’t feel as guilty filling things up. 🙂

I haven’t been very active as of late, but I promise I’ll always be writing; it’s just a matter of when I share it with the rest of the world.

Merry Christmas and happy Holidays everyone! I’ll see you all next post 🙂

Happy HolidaysMinerva


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