That Future Post

Hiya pixies,

So, you know how I said I’d do a post on editing, like, a month ago?

Well, here it is – sorry for the SUPER long wait guys… -_-


So for these edits I’ve been using Pixlr, ’cause I don’t have Photoshop at home.

For those who haven’t used Pixlr before, don’t stress, it isn’t too hard 😉

To create pictures like these –

Forgotten tales

The Lost Stories - Ruby


-You’re going to need a silhouetted picture of a person (just type silhouette photography into your search bar; it should come up with loads). I’m going to use this one:


To start, open pixlr and click on ‘open image from computer’.

Select your image and it should come up like this:


Enlarge the window with your picture, and make sure you unlock the picture by double-clicking the padlock in the ‘layers’ box (you may need to drag the boxes out to see the padlock).


Now you’re going to need some wings. I like to use the wings off of these pictures:

editing practice2



They’ve got transparent backgrounds, which makes my life (and yours) a whole lot easier 😛

For this one, I’m going to use Tinkerbell’s wings:


Insert the fairy as a layer by going into Layer – Open image as layer. The fairy should come up like this:


Ok, so obviously Tink is waaaaay too big for my edit. So before I do anything else, I’m going to use Edit – Free Transform to make her smaller, like this:

p7 p8

If you do resize the wings, make sure they’re not cut off by the edge of the picture when you confirm the transform, otherwise, you’ll lose half of it! 😛


Much better 😉

Rub out all of Tink, except for her wings.


Now, move the wings to where you want them and rub out what you don’t need. You can use free transform again to rotate the wings however you see fit:

p11 p12

For this particular picture, I’m going to repeat the previous steps for the wings to get the second wing.


If you want, you can play around with contrast and add text if you want, and then:


TA – DA! 😀

I have to admit, this isn’t one of my best edits, but I’m still pretty proud of myself, seeing as I could barely edit anything this time last year 😛

So what do you think, pixies? Did you find this useful? Let me know what you think in the comments.

‘Till next time,

Sincerely, Rose ❤



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