Possible Future Posts

Hiya pixies,

So sorry I haven’t posted on here in absolutely AGES – I’ve been really slack (again). :/

Anyway, today’s just a short post, so let’s get on with it:

Lately I’ve been working on a new style of editing, because I FINALLY figured out how to do the wings without losing half of them (it’s about time, too). 🙂

Most of them are banners for The Lost Stories, but there are a few others:

The Lost Stories - Crystal Cutetwinkle - Copy The Lost Stories - Marigold Sunjewel tut

I’m thinking of doing a post on how to make edits like these, but whether I post it or not is up to you:

Hope to post again soon,


– Rose ❤

(And I still can’t spell sincerely properly. I have to use spell check. That’s sad, seeing as it’s the name of my category :/ ) 😛


4 thoughts on “Possible Future Posts

    I’ve been wanting to know how to add translucent wings for a LONG time.
    All of my edits have had green or blue tinted wings when I needed pink, yellow, or red/orange!
    Btw, I love The Lost Stories Banner and new home page on your blog, Rose. 🙂

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