Two years… (Sorry for the super late post!)

As you all know September the Nineteenth was the two year anniversary of Pixie Hollow closing. Like most of us, Pixie Hollow was my escape from reality but more than that it was just so much fun! I loved immersing myself into the word of Pixie Hollow. It was two years ago that I changed schools. I still have a few of my friends contacts but don’t talk to them much. Kinda like PH. Depending on how you look at it two years can seem like a life time or not that long at all. For instance does it feel like ages since you logged in to Pixie Hollow? Typed in your Account ID and Password? Arrived in Pixie Hollow and got Announcements about all the latest events? And if your a procrastinator and sometimes would just prefer to chat in Havendish square (Like me), a heap of notifications reminding you of the quests you need to finish? Do you remember all your friends saying ‘WB’ (welcome back) to you and thanking them all? And this is all just the second you log in. Do you remember the horror you felt when you first saw the green banner, claiming that Pixie Hollow would close in less than a month? To me it feels like ages ago but at the same time it feels like yesterday. For instance, I didn’t have to search for any of the things I just reminded you of, I just remembered what logging in was like because it’s still so familiar. And if it’s so familiar, it can’t have been that long ago, right? I had a lot of really good friends in Pixie Hollow, most a great deal more kinder, caring and compassionate than my friends in the ‘real world’ at the time. One of my best friends in Pixie Hollow was Amy, she was a non-member and I remember her being really funny and sweet, she had blond hair and always wore Pink, Yellow or Green clothing. When everyone became a member in the last month of Pixie Hollow before it closed, she died her hair brown and wore mostly all black clothing, but she hadn’t changed. When she asked me what I thought of her new look, I told her I liked it, but that it was really different. She said she agreed and said that she would change back right away, but I told her that she should definitely not and that she should enjoy being a member, so she didn’t. In the next weeks of playing we seemed to log in at different times but when we did finally meet up again I remember that I flew to her while she was in some kind of Party or Fashion con or maybe she was just hanging out with some other friends. She told me that since I wasn’t logging in as much that we were still BFF’s , but she had made other BFF’s and I told her that was fine, because to be honest It didn’t really bother me that much. Then she said that she had to go but that we had to meet up on the last day of Pixie Hollow so we could say our goodbyes. I agreed and then we hugged ( Well you know, -hugs- -hugs-) Since I live in Australia, I worked out a time that I could log into Pixie Hollow and for it still to be open, since the time zones are different but it turns out that I had miscalculated terribly and that Pixie Hollow was already closed. I don’t know if Amy was waiting for me or not but i’ve been beating my self up about it ever since. I believe that when Disney decides that they need Pixie Hollow again they will reopen it. Many people say it’s impossible but, I think Disney can do whatever they want, as they have already proven that, and they are keeping PH for a time that they need it. Well that’s my head-cannon any way :P. Do you have any stories from Pixie Hollow like mine that you want to get off your chest? Leave it in a comment. I can’t wait to read them all 😀 🙂 :P! Also gold star if you actually managed to read this post! If you are reading this right now comment…… PH is cool!!!!!!! (make sure you have that exact number of !’s) I would tell you in depth about how sorry I am that this post is so late, but it’s already so long so……

Fly with you, Carrie Tuliptwist


2 thoughts on “Two years… (Sorry for the super late post!)

  1. Ok then: PH is cool!!!!!!!

    lol XD 😛

    That’s so sad! I’m really sorry you didn’t get to say goodbye to your friends. 😦 I actually didn’t get to either. Like you, I live in Australia, so I assumed I had an extra day of PH left, but we didn’t… I logged on to find it gone… It was quite sad 😦

    I’m very glad I found the PBC though 🙂

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