Pixie Hollow Memories and Another Virtual World Closed

Hi guys it’s me Carrie :). Today I have a post addressing two main topics just because one of them wouldn’t really make up a quality post on it’s own.

Now the title states ‘another virtual world closed’. The MMO I am talking about is one you may have heard of, Build-A-Bearville. I did not enjoy this world as much as Pixie Hollow, of course but I did have an account and it was kind of fun 🙂 Everyone who had an account had received an email stating about the closure and the ‘reason why’. I Googled it wondering if people were as upset when it closed to when pixie hollow closed. Bearville didn’t have as many players as Pixie Hollow so it wasn’t as ‘chaotic’ but there was a petition or video here or there, I even came across some Bearville blogs and I was deeply saddened that another group of players were going through what we went through when pixie hollow closed. However if Bearville came back and Pixie Hollow didn’t I would probably feel angry/jealous :P.

On to the main part of this post, Pixie Hollow memories, yay! Today I am going to be addressing parties in the hollow. I don’t know about you but one of the main highlights of pixie hollow for me was going to my friends parties and hosting parties.Whenever I hosted a party I had to make sure everything was perfect. I would go to Phoebe’s Party Favors and buy so many games so I wouldn’t run out.


500px-Phoebe's_Party_Favors_ShopI wouldn’t even play any of the games so I could keep opening new ones when pixies’ finished the games that they were playing. Sometimes I even had to sneak out and buy more games, I wanted it to be perfect mostly because it was fun but also because parties were so expensive that I would of felt that it had been a waste if no one came and when people did come, if I ran out of games I would keep them busy with fashion cons so they wouldn’t leave. LOL.

I also really loved going to public parties in the hollow and letting other fairies entertain me :). Whenever I didn’t have anything else to do in the hollow I would love going to someone else’s party and playing games.

ph coolnesss

What was your favorite thing about parties in PH? Please leave a comment :).

Fly with you, Carrie Tuliptwist



16 thoughts on “Pixie Hollow Memories and Another Virtual World Closed

  1. Pixie Hollow Parties. I loved parties because many of your fairy friends were in one home. You could also make new fairy friends. Every Fairy I ever saw at a party was always sweet and encouraging. Sometimes we would dress up in a certain theme or color. It was always fun and everybody laughed. I would always check to see if any new fairies were having parties and then if nor many fairies were there I would invite my friends to welcome the new fairy and help her with her party. I could never get too much of Pixie Hollow.


    1. Thanks for sharing, and i’m very glad you did :). I also loved going to parties to see my friends and make new friends :). A lot of my best fairy friends I had met at pixie parties :).

      Fly with you, Carrie Tuliptwist


  2. I also played Bearville (not really) but I had an account and I also received the email about the closure. I’m pretty sure it said something about creating a new game to replace the old one though.


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    1. Did it really? Cool! I’m pretty sure they said that they were replacing it with a mini-games page, ill have to check :).

      Fly with you, Carrie Tuliptwist


  3. Yeah, one of my Worlize friends mentioned that it was closing – it’s quite sad. 😦

    On the party subject, I didn’t party much, but I did hold quite a few parties, some of which became REALLY crowded! 😛 I enjoyed the chill out time and being able to make other happy. 🙂

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  4. You see, I actually had a Bearville account, but I didn’t play with it much. It wasn’t nearly as intriguing as PH. NOTHING is nearly as interesting as PH.

    The news of the virtual world closing is sad though. 😦

    Yeah, I held a lot of parties! But it was mostly after PH’s closure was announced, since they gave us so many free diamonds. 😛 My parties were always crowded. >.< We also had some fashion contests. 😀

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    1. AWW that does sound sad :'(. I wasn’t even online the day pixie hollow was closing, I had to go out to dinner and I wasn’t allowed on when we got back :(.


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