Friendship Renewals

Eloquently stated words by a very eloquent pixie. I agree with Marigold – spread the word!



Marigold's Musings

Happy Spring, Pixies!!! 😀


Since Spring is the season of awakening, renewal, and growth, I would like to take this opportunity to share my personal goals and aspirations:

  • I will continue to reach out and tell all the pixie bloggers and commenters who seem to have vanished over the last several months that their presence is greatly missed, we still care about them, and we would welcome them back to our community with open arms ❤
  • I will begin featuring new pixie blogs to give them exposure to a large audience of pixies
  • I will begin featuring active pixie blogs to encourage them to continue posting and to say thank you for all of their hard work and dedication
  • I will begin featuring inactive pixie blogs in hopes that we can somehow reach the missing pixie bloggers and maybe persuade them to come back to our pixie blogging community


I would also like to ask my readers to support all…

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