What Does This Mean?? – Actual PH News

Hi guys it’s me Carrie. I am gonna get straight to the point of this post.

We all know what this is right? faq

The Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow Faq page right? Well you may have seen my comments on other pixies’ blogs saying things like ‘am I the only one who can’t find the FAQ page?’ Well it’s now gone and it’s been replaced with this thing

So the FAQ page is now gone. What does this mean? It could mean that they are all set to bring pixie hollow back. It could mean that its gone forever. What you you think it means? Stand by for further notice, WATCH THIS SPACE!!

Fly with you,Carrie Tuliptwist

FullSizeRender (1)

13 thoughts on “What Does This Mean?? – Actual PH News

  1. I think it just means the message has been online for 18 months, so everyone should know Pixie Hollow is closed now. Unfortunately I don’t think it means the Hollow is opening back up. I say unfortunately because I know we all want it to reopen.


    1. I’m afraid that I too will have to agree with rodigo , but like Rose said we can always hope 🙂
      Thank you for keeping us informed however. 🙂


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