2015 Sweet Week

Sweet Week is here! Yum, food!

Bake pixie-tastic sweets, or be innovative and create your own 🙂


Marigold's Musings

The 2015 Events Committee proudly presents:


Please join us as we begin celebrating Sweet Week! This event is focused on delicious desserts, sugary sweet artwork, and sharing goodies with other pixies as a token of love and friendship ❤

Sweet Week_Org_Banner

This event includes:

  • Gallery of Sweets
  • Sweet Treats Boutique
  • Sweet Chats
  • Sweet Discovery in Pixie Hollow

The Gallery of Sweets will include memorable sweets from Pixie Hollow and NEW sweets made exclusively for this event!

The Sweet Treat Boutique will include delicious, pixie-inspired recipes for you to make, share, and enjoy at home!

To chat, please visit Crystal Airshine’s Blog and Minerva’s Blog to discuss your favorite sweets! These chat boxes are available 24/7, so please stop by whenever you have a chance, because you never know who might be waiting there  😉

Sweet Discovery in Pixie Hollow includes a sweet shop in the Winter Woods that you may have never known existed!


Gallery of Sweets


Sweet Heart Silly Sweet

Sweet Heart Silly Sweet

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2 thoughts on “2015 Sweet Week

  1. I Minerva! You and were friends in Pixie Hollow. I am Quicksilver Cloudshimmer, Twilight Diamondshimmer and Topaz Nightwhisper. I remember you. I do not know how to create all those pictures like you do. I wish I did. I hope you are well and I look forward to following your Blog now.


    1. Hi Quicksilver! 😀 Your name does sound very familiar, so I do remember you as well!

      Creating those images really isn’t that difficult, if you practice a lot – so just keep that in mind and you’ll probably be a lot better than me in no time lol 🙂



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