Lending A Wing

Hi, Pixies! Guess whose a new guest author on Minerva’s blog? 😉


I’m Marigold Sunjewel – the fairy owner of the blog Marigold’s Musings  🙂

When Minerva said she was looking for guest authors, I jumped at the chance to lend a wing for one of my fellow Hollow bloggers and dearest fairy friends ❤

So what am I going to post about on wonderful Minerva’s blog? Umm…well…I haven’t quite nailed that little detail down yet…but I promise my posts will be in context, of course! I’m in the process of recreating Pixie Hollow-themed events on my own blog (with Minerva’s amazing artistic assistance – see her awesome banners below), so my time’s a little occupied at the moment…

Fashion Month Banner

Sweet Week_Minerva_Banner

In the meantime, this post is meant for introductions, so let me share some info about myself:

  • I would describe myself as ambitious, outspoken, creative, and stylish
  • I’m a garden-talent fairy through and through, but I believe that fairies can have more than one talent
  • I joined Pixie Hollow on February 18, 2010 (click here to read my Arrival Day story)
  • I created my Pixie Hollow blog Marigold’s Musings on February 21, 2010. I believe my blog is one of the oldest still-active PH blogs to-date  🙂
  • I published my first post on February 22, 2010
  • I left Pixie Hollow in March 2010… (see Maritales for details)
  • I returned to Pixie Hollow on February 20, 2011
  • My blog became CRAZY popular when I created a special page with all the active secret codes listed out so non-Members could get new clothes, accessories, and home items (Pixie Hollow had become even more restrictive to non-Members while I was away in 2010, so the secret codes gave non-Members the ability to finally wear something other than their Arrival Day outfit)
  • I had a MEGA crush on the most handsome sparrow man alive Terence when the Pixie Dust Mill opened in Pixie Hollow on April 20, 2011 ❤
  • I began campaigning for The Never Council to release the gorgeous Pixie Post Office display dresses on February 2, 2012, which was a SUCCESS – all 5 dresses were designed and released before PH closed  😀
  • I officially created the Pixie Salvation Soldiers on August 30, 2013

Thank you, Minerva, for allowing me to mindlessly chatter post on your blog  😉

I hope to post again very soon!

♥ Marigold



24 thoughts on “Lending A Wing

  1. Yay! First posts are so much fun 🙂
    I can’t wait to see your next post (don’t worry, all I do is aimlessly ramble 😉 )

    Have you seen Terence since PH closed, or has he disappeared along with the rest of the Famous Fairies? 😮



    1. lol 😀 Thanks 😉

      No…I sadly have not seen Terence, Rosetta, or any of the Famous Fairies since PH closed… 😦 I wonder where they all are???

      Will you be posting more about your WDW vacation? I know I have you tied up making all kinds of beautiful artwork for the events committee 😉 but I was just curious 🙂

      ♥ Marigold


      1. They probably disappeared along with the rest of PH, but there is still hope that they’re still there.. somewhere. 🙂

        As for my WDW posts, I definitely will be doing some posts dedicated to those. I’ve had exams the past week or so. Now that they’ve died down, I will be able to find some time to write those out 🙂



  2. ooh, so many ideas for that short story of mine!

    What happened to all the famous fairies? Where did we all go when PH disappeared? How did we survive?


    But I can’t, because school went back today and I’m away this weekend… AGHHHHH! 😛


  3. hehe 😀 u used to talk about terence all the time back when ph was open. it was so annoying sometimes 😛 just playin – I ❤ u and ur awesome blog

    its crazy amazing that u have kept ur blog open this long! so many pixie blogs have either closed or been abandoned. really sad. but im so happy ur still here keeping ph alive ❤


  4. Lol, Hi Marigold!
    I think that everybody here knows you anyway (I mean..ahem…your blog is super famous :P) but I was definitly happy to get to somehow know you better . 😀
    Well,that’s all…welcome to the group


    1. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever told you (and this is also super embarassing) but you are one of the bloggers that most inspired me to make my blog what it is today. So thank you for that 😀 😛


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