Carrie’s Memories- Introduction :)

Hi guys it’s me, Carrie :). A little while ago I made a post that was mostly just me asking if you guys would like to see some memories from me and so many kind pixies were warm to the idea so I thought why not ! 🙂 :D. But this is just me mentioning some things about my accounts and stuff before i make a memories post because I actually have had three in the time pixie hollow was open :). So here it is 🙂

So first i would just like to mention that I did play pixie hollow for a very long time but not that long with Carrie. Let me explain, so at the first house that I live in I had my first account which was Ella Diamondwings and I didn’t have speed chat plus at that time so not many pixies knew me on that account. Later on we bought a new block of land and started building a new house and sold our old one so we stayed at my grandparents. At my grandparents house I wasn’t allowed to use the computer. EVER. IT WAS AWFUL!! ( I personally don’t know how I lived as of now I have a laptop in my room )  anyway when I visited my other grandparents house I made another account which was Ella Diamondlake and  I did not have speed chat plus on that account either and not many friends because I could not play on it much. When we finally moved to my new house I made Carrie 😛

So some of my memories might be from my other accounts :). I found out about pixie hollow when one of my friends gave me a Tinkerbell toy for my birthday and it had one of those things where it said ” come join the fun on ” or something like that :). So I went on and created my fairy. It was a long time ago so I can’t remember the details but I remember thinking that it was the most magical thing that I had ever done/seen 🙂 .

Sorry, this post may have been a little boring but i thought i would just clear those things up so i don’t have to explain it again 🙂

Fly with you amazing pixies, Carrie Tuliptwist



12 thoughts on “Carrie’s Memories- Introduction :)

  1. Hehe, thanks for sharing Carrie,although short it was very fun to read!
    Also I used to have two accounts too, on Ph. My second one was Daphne Moondrop,and to be honest I used to play a little more on that one because I didn’t like what Crystal used to look like XD. Then I became a member and FINALLY changed her appearance :3 XD.


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