Should I Post Memories?

Hi everyone it’s me Carrie :). I was thinking of posting about my time on pixie hollow but I wasn’t sure weather it was what people wanted to see. What I mean by that is I would really hate to post about my time on pixie hollow if it would bring sadness to anyone reading it. There would also be lack of pictures because ( as some of you may know ) all my photos were wiped from my iPod some time ago and my iPod was the only place i stored my pixie hollow pictures :(. ( if your wondering the photo of my fairy on my gravatar profile is a remake using the Disney Fairies fashion boutique app ) anyway the lack of pictures may lead to boredom and I would hate to make anyone bored :). Saying all that i think it would be really fun to post about my time in the hollow and i am sure that it will bring back more good memories than bad :). So let me know would you like me to post about my time in the hollow???

Fly with you, Carrie Tuliptwist.



8 thoughts on “Should I Post Memories?

  1. I think that’s a great idea, Carrie! 😀 I would love your read about your experience in the Hollow. You could always supplement your posts with images of the Pixie Hollow meadows or famous fairies…just a thought 😉


  2. I think memories are an ingenious idea! I say go for it 😀 Since each and every pixie has had a different experience in Pixie Hollow, it would be awesome to have some insight into your experiences 🙂



  3. Sounds like a great idea Carrie – I know how you feel too. All of my pics were wiped from my computer when it crashed a while back.

    The only on I have is the one I use for a gravatar, and that’s only because it was saved on my blog.


    1. Thanks rose 🙂 its good that you at least had one photo because it was saved on your blog 🙂

      Fly with you, Carrie Tuliptwist


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