16 Months :(

So here we are at that time of month again. I suppose you have absolutely NO IDEA what I’m talking about, do you?

Let me explain.

On my blog, I write a post every month on the 19th – the date of the day PH closed. This month tallies up to 16 months – which is MUCH too long in my opinion.

What fascinates me is that we are all still here, clinging onto PH like it was our life… which it was… for our fairies… so yeah…

Anyway, what I usually do on my blog is advertise another pixie’s blog in detail, which I have done (click here for the link). But on Minerva’s blog, I thought it would probably be easier to just recognize the date, write a short post and go back to eating chocolate (The Maltesers are now gone too… only the Celebrations left… Thank goodness my birthday is soon! XD 😛 ).

Or at least that is what I’m going to do until I have some brilliant idea… but my brain is not functioning properly thanks to SHS (School Holiday Syndrome – a deadly illness that many people get which gives you shot term memory loss and makes you incredibly lazy).

So that’s about it for now…

Good luck to all those pixies taking exams!

Sincerely, Rose ❤


8 thoughts on “16 Months :(

  1. Hello Rose Morningmist, This is Quicksilver Cloudshimmer. I was born in 2007. I was one of the very first fairies. I miss Pixie Hollow terribly. I think if Disney put it back on the internet almost all the fairies that were there would become members again. Pixie Hollow helped me during a terrible time in my life. I loved helping new fairies get around the Hollow and helping them get codes for items to wear or for their homes. Remember the codes? I still miss Pixie Hollow terribly. There were many older ladies that loved to play. I feel Disney made a BIG MISTAKE by taking Pixie Hollow off the internet.I also had two more fairies, whose names were, Twilight Diamondshimmer and Topaz Nightwhisper, Just in case you ever met them.
    Keep up the posts on your Blog. I love reading them all. Unfortunately I do not know how to add pictures, especially pictures of my fairies etc. Anyway that is because I am an old Fairy, ha ha.


    1. Fly with you QuickSilver! Nice to meet you 🙂

      I miss PH too. 😦 When it closed I was left as a sobbing mass of sorrow and tissues. LOTS of tissues.

      Topaz and QuickSilver do ring bells in my head. Was one of your pixies a tinker by any chance?

      I hope to stick to my resolution of posting frequently; both on this blog and my own. Hopefully I will post again soon.

      As for your picture – WordPress uses Gravatar – All people who sign up to WordPress automatically get a Gravatar account, which is free and easy to use.

      Also, if you want to, there are some PH simulators out there is, such as fairyabc.com, and if you are over 13, there are pixie who have re-created PH on Worlize, including myself.

      Disney also has kept the original PH game, which some people refer to as the ‘Old Pixie Hollow’ or the ‘UK Pixie Hollow’. The mini-game Harvest Hustle from PH is also on their website.

      Nice meeting you,


      Rose ❤


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