It’s Me, Sarah!

Hey there, Pixie Pals! It’s me, Sarah Diamondswirls, and this is my first post on Minerva’s super cool blog. 🙂 Yes, another new guest author! >.< You might have known about me from Sarah’s Adventures, a blog that I, along with some awesome guest authors, run. Since this is an introductory post, it is just going to be some tit-bits about me. In case you are interested, read on… 😉

Fashion by Sapphire Rainymist
Fashion by Sapphire Rainymist

So, I was a fairy who joined Pixie Hollow in May, 2013. However, I made a new account in July the same year. My fairy name was Sarah Diamondswirls on both accounts. Pixie Hollow is closed now, but I am still here. ^^; I am an ordinary person who likes books, school, writing, art, animals and Disney. And just like Rose, I am a chocoholic. 😀 I like school and stuff, because…why not? I am an optimistic with a lot of goals in life. Like, being successful in whichever field I choose. I am ambitious, yes. I usually watch Disney movies. My favorites are Up, Mulan, Frozen. Tangled and Tarzan. I love writing. But I write stuff which might not be suitable for Pixie blogs. I mean, I write stories completely unrelated to Hollow, so it wouldn’t be right to post them on a Pixie blog. 😮 Also art…I love art! I started drawing digitally when I made an account on Disney Create, an art sharing site for kids which is now closed. You can view my deviantART profile by clicking here.

Made for a friend :)
Made for a friend 🙂
For a friend
For a friend

About music…I don’t listen to music. Okay, I sometimes do, but it’s usually Disney music (Songs from Disney films). And if you ask me about my favorite band/singer, I would probably say The Beatles or Michael Jackson. (And yet, I have only heard a handful of their songs) ^^; I love watching documentaries- especially the ones about animals. I watch a lot of Animal Planet. 🙂 So that basically sums up everything about me. ^^ I hope it wasn’t boring to read  😮 Fly with You! Sarah Diamondswirls


10 thoughts on “It’s Me, Sarah!

  1. um, Sarah, you might want to edit this post – you’ve put that you started playing PH in 2014 – PH was closed then!

    Lol, just thought I would let you know 🙂

    Other than that, it’s a great post! I like your drawings. 🙂


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