An Introduction..I think ? :P

Hi guys! My name is Crystal Airshine ^_^

I’m new here ( pretty obviously, since there is a huge title right above saying”Introduction” :P….)

 I just signed up as a guest author,so thank you Minerva for that~^^ (horayyy*randomdanceparty*)

Yeah-yeah I know…ANOTHER new author … 😛

Actually, I ’m already a blogger. I’m a “Blogger” blogger-if that makes any sense at all- *laugh* .

I own this blog called ”Pixie Hollow’s Little Secrets” in case you’ve ever heard of it 😛

Anyway, I’m not exactly sure WHAT exactly I should include in my introduction.(Guess that shows a bit XD) Especially taking into account the fact that my keyboard HATES me right now for some reason…; keeps writing random stuff…:”(  (Good way to start , huh ? 😛 )…..

So this is most likely going to be very random..after all I’ve been blabbering all this time, practically saying nothing .. :_:

Well…*ahem* anyways…. let’s start with the basics…. 🙂

If there is anything you would need to know about me, that probably would be that I really love anything creative, I especially love drawing and I can’t live without music or singing.I also like photography, writing (and reading good books..or blogs:) ) ,I like designing (and -of course- buying) fashion, and I also have an obsession with make-up :3

 What is more, I’m a huge airhead ,I talk a loooot (but you must have guessed so far 😛 ) and I love sweet things :3 (I’m not as much of a chocaholic as Rose is though XD….)

Last but not least I secretly like manga and anime :3..oh oh.. and English is not actually my native language…o.o…but you don’t you ? 😛

To be honest, I don’t even know why would anyone be interested to know all this, but I don’t have any idea what else I should talk about either…so I guess I’ll just  stick with that for now 🙂 (lucky you! reading such a lame fine post!)

By the way, this is completely random but, funny thing is that I used to think i would never , use WordPress to blog… for some reason .. ? o.o -don’t ask me why I have no idea.. ;_:- and look at me …I’m already signed up, writing my first post :D.




Ok…I just realised just how badly my introduction sucks:P , BUT despite that I hope you didn’t get too bored reading this XD (I’m sorry , I just had no idea what to write about whatsoever.. >< I’m feeling kinda awkward… )

Anyways,I’m usually super busy, but I hope I’ll be able to post again soon 😀 ,so..

~Fly with you

Crystal Airshine

P.S:Minerva,don’t you dare change your mind about making me a guest author now… 😛




15 thoughts on “An Introduction..I think ? :P

  1. Welcome to WordPress, Crystal!!! 😀 I love that so many fairies are posting again ❤
    I didn't know that you were interested in being a guest author! I would have asked if you were interested in writing for my blog had I known. I know you're busy now with your blog, this blog, and working on my events committee, but just know that the invitation is there if you're interested. All you have to do is ask 😉


    1. Thank you Marigold! 😀 ❤
      Actually, I had thought a few times about it, but always rejected the idea because of my heavy schedule.. :/
      But then I saw the announcement about it on Minerva's blog, so I though"Hmm,maybe I should give it a try?"
      Whatsoever, I'm really grateful for your words and the invitation, so give me some time to think about it 😀 (Were I not so busy, I would have imediatly said "YES" XD)
      I'll see you at the comitte, let's work hard together ^_^


  2. Lol i loved this post i love all things random. 🙂 anddddd…………….. your not the only one obsessed with anime and manga lol.


    1. Thanks Minerva! 😀 ^_^
      Lol, I guess we do! Actually too many of us have too many things in commons (if that even makes any scence lol ). It’s kind of intresting don’t you think ? 😛 I mean is it really just a mere coincidence? XD



    At first I was dealing with some problems with my internet connection and then there was a time i was really really busy, so I just got the chance to catch up with everything.. :/


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