Work, Anime, and Vacation

Work… Work… Work… I haven’t been very active. Yet again.

Exams are coming up and things have been getting a lot more hectic. Assignments have been assigned by teachers, winter break is just around the corner, and flu season has kept me occupied this past month or so.

I’m so sorry!

So this post will be super short and sweet but it’s basically me letting you all know a few things:

1. I will probably be inactive and unable to attend the majority of Crystal Airshine’s Christmas Reunion. If you guys don’t know about that yet, I beseech you all to flap on over to her lovely site and check it out! It would be great if we could get lots of pixies fluttering around Rose’s Pixie Hollow just like the olden days. (Ahem. Last year)

2. Where will I be going, you ask? Well I’m actually packing my bags at this moment and flying off to Orlando, Florida, home of Walt Disney World, where I will be spending some time touring around like a.. tourist? I don’t know, how else does one tour? Anyways I’ll do my best to capture a few snapshots of little things for y’all. Hopefully a nice fat post will be on its way, stuffed with Disney World joys.

3. Stories will be coming along shortly – as soon as the ominous, looming threat known is exams have passed, I will most certainly have time to get these on my laptop (I currently have a few of them down on very traditional pen and paper)

4. In the meanwhile, every fairy, please, head on over to the Christmas Reunion sometime in the meantime. (I HIGHLY recommend it) Not only will you connect with some pretty awesome pixies, but – actually that’s reason enough to go. (I am heavily advertising this. If you don’t get the hint, here it is in a very plain, blunt manner: the reunion is fun.. You should go :P)

5. I recently had this idea to keep myself engaged with blogging – It’s called Post of the Day, although I doubt I can make every day, and so it became Post of the Week. It may or may not happen, depending on my schedule because it really was a rather fleeting idea. Basically, it means I dedicate a tiny, tiny post (probably only a tiny thought about the day or something inspiration) about anything at all. It could be a thought I had, or a quote I like, or an image I thought was cool.

Just small things.

6. One more thing: this one’s important. (This post apparently isn’t as small as I originally thought..) I was wondering if any pixie would like to be a guest author. You don’t have to post often, and you don’t have to do anything I do. Just do your own thing. I would just like some writing skills and a capable pensive mind. Please email me here if you’re interested.

Take a shot. Go for it if you like writing.


That’s it! Oh wait, I lied. One more thing:

Happy Holidays


15 thoughts on “Work, Anime, and Vacation

  1. Minerva when you click on the thing to email you it says page not found and to try searching is it just your pixie email because i have seen that on your blog 🙂 i really want to become your guest blogger. 🙂


    1. Whoops! It’s probably an invalid link or something.. But that’s okay, just going to your email and typing in that email address should work as well 🙂

      If you have any other issues, please let me know!



  2. Hey Minerva! 😀
    It’s such a pity you won’t be able to come to the Reunion, i really wanted to have a chat 😛 :/
    But even if you are able to spare a few minits,even on the last day, please do drop by, you’re always welcome 😉
    Also, I too , like the “post of the week” idea, although I know how HARD it is to pull through…
    I’m looking forward to your toor guide from Orlando, since i’ve never been out of Europe . ;_; XD
    Anyways, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 😀


    1. Hi Crystal!
      I’m actually back from vacation now – the reunion is still going on, isn’t it? I’ll try to drop by at a convenient time to have a chat with all the pixies there 🙂

      As for the post of the week, I really really want to do it.. But I might want to enlist the help of my guest author, Carrie..

      Oh and I really like anime 😛 I was actually going to talk about it but I guess after everything else I just forgot. Whoops.. Oh well! 😛



      1. There’s something about Japanese cartoons (aka anime) that’s so much better than the other ones.. 😛 I don’t have much time to watch anime anymore though, so I’m kind of sad 😛



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