I had no intention to disappear for as long as I did. During that disappearance, I did have unfinished posts, but I never found myself able to complete them. No excuses there, I have pretty much been neglecting my blog consistently.

It’s still a sin.

I never planned to abandon my blog or delete or whatnot. In fact, I haven’t even deleted my old Blogger one. It’s still there, somewhat alive.

I love blogging too much to delete one of my many blogs 🙂

There’s just something about the freedom to be able to say what you want to the world. Even if people don’t see it, don’t read it, it’s still a voice trying it’s best to be heard. Blogging about Pixie Hollow really took my mind off of things and gave me the chance to say what I wanted to say, to tell the world what was on my mind.

Honestly, I think it kept me sane. Even though some days are just too hectic to squeeze in a post here or there, I came to love it and see it as one of my responsibilities.

But nowadays, it seems to all be gone.

When Pixie Hollow was open, there was always something to say. There was always some event going on, or some new shop items, or some Famous Fairy visiting, or some sort of thing I could say what I wanted to about it. But now that PH has closed, there’s not much to say. There’s not much more to be responsible for.

Even with the closure, there was always something going on. Some news, something current. I think that’s the main job of us bloggers; to report news, and provide our own opinions on it. I guess now the thing is there’s nothing to do. There’s not much to say. No news. No nothing.

Of course, we could post about memories, but honestly, seeing all the pictures just tear up the wound all over again. It just reminds us of what used to be, right? I just tried to cover up my pain by avoiding it. I tried my best to not think of it, and busied myself so that I didn’t have to.

But now I suppose everyone else is feeling the same way – that there is no longer anything to post about. And the Pixie Hollow community is slowing dying. And it probably will die completely if someone doesn’t care enough to do something about it.

I’m saying that I care. I’m saying that even though I didn’t really take the upper hand during other times, I still care. I’m sure most of the other pixies out there would agree with me when I say that we care. That’s part of what made us such a great community.

The other day, I went to check out the Pixie Hollow Forums for the first time in a long while, and I was quite honestly, surprised to see how many pixies were still active over there, with tons of new posts every day. It was inspiring, really.

And here comes my part to mourn the closing of PH. I’m going to have to stuff it into once enormously huge post so bear with me.

Without further ado, here are my goals:

Post regularly

It’s probably the most important one here. This goal is a little vague so I’m going to describe it in more detail. I’m going try to try my best to post maybe once a week. At the very least, once every 2 weeks. If I’m a little late, please excuse me and I’ll try to have a little notice up on my soon to come home page. Oh yeah, and this includes revamping up my blog with all my ideas.

Comment regularly

I have a tendency to see new comments/posts rather late so what I’m going to do is subscribe to every blog on the block so I’ll always be in touch. I’m going to make myself a more active member of the Pixie Hollow community by commenting on everyone else’s blogs more often. 🙂

Encourage others to be more active

If other pixies aren’t joining, make them join! Well, not make them, but encourage them and let them know that we’re still here and we’re not over yet. We’re going to rebuild the community back to it’s old strength. 😀

Do more of what I used to do

I guess this is a minor one, but I’d love to be able to go back and do what I used to do a lot – edit. I haven’t done it in a while so I’d like to get back into the habit of doing it. Not only that, but to have a goal means I’ll be motivated to do my extreme homework amounts.

So that’s the end of that!

What are your goals? Anything I should keep in mind? Want to say hello? A comment would be greatly appreciated ♪


Golden Clover






12 thoughts on “Morality

  1. Thank you for posting this, Minerva ❤
    I was also amazed at how many fairies are still active on the forums! I see so many comments on there that say, "I wish I had found this site while PH was open!" – so fairies are obviously still searching for PH news and lost friends.
    I would love to see more of your awesome edits 😀 Maybe you could make a simple one for all of us pixie bloggers to post on our main pages announcing The Pixie Hollow Reunion…only if you have time, of course 😉


    1. No problem 🙂
      It was really awesome to see that even though we were discouraged, the forum fairies were still able to continue and stay a pixie community. They didn’t give up so that was really inspiring – for me anyway.
      That sounds like a good idea! I’ll see what I can pull together. 🙂


  2. Hello, Madame!
    Yes, I know. No one has been active, to be partial.
    But now, we are! ^^ (Almost)
    And there, no one can have thousands of memories to post about. Moreover, they do make you disheartened and might as well be boring sometimes.

    On the other note, have you prepared for the chat box? If yes, do let me know. ^^


  3. I extemely agree! And I hear so many pixie bloggers say they will stop blogging because no one reads there post, well for most cases, thats not true! There are so many active readers, they probably wont show any signs that they read it but they did. I will be a example. I have never commented on anything so it was like I never exisited in the world of pixie hollow bloggers. Now I have pushed out of my comfort zone to be a active commenter. Right before the closure I was planning on blogging, though I belivied there was no point with nothing to post. Now I see all the pixie bloggers slowly giving up. Please, don’t loose hope! I would hate for there to be nothing to read after school, no new blogs, I appericate these kinds of post that give hope for the rest of the coumminty, even to those quiet ones, who will never comment, and never be “visible”. Thank you to all the pixie bloggers who are still active.


  4. This was a wonderful post! I have a quick question, I commented on this eariler, but It never showed up… I dont know if it was a moderation thing or… anyway good job!


    1. Thanks Grace! Hmm.. I’m not sure I’ve heard from you before – it’s a little hard to keep track of comments though, I may have accidentally skipped it. Would you mind asking it again? 🙂



  5. Oh my God this is creepy-it’s as if you’re in my mind! O.O These are exactly the thoughts i’ve been making for these last months! And i mean everything you said! Just how did you do that? XD
    Even the part of being a more active community member, which is sometimesa little hard for me to do, especially with WordPress blogs, since i’ve always had a problem following them, and so i always have to check them myself. Not to talk about neglecting my blog, which is something i really am not proud of :/
    However, i love your positivity, and this post really got me pumped-up to be more active! Let’s all keep Pixie Hollow Alive 🙂


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