Who I Am

As many of you will soon find out, this post will have next-to nothing to do with the title…. I was merely inspired by the title of Natasha Bedingfield’s new song from The Pirate Fairy. *sigh* Such a good movie.

This will be a quick post but I just wanted to underline a few things before I get on with the next post. (Hint: it’s been taking a lot of time… And has to do with editing :D) I really didn’t want to leave too long without a post… It kind of keeps pixies waiting.

You’ll find that a lot of posts between big ones will be quite filler-ish and unnecessary.. But whatever, because I keep running out of ideas. Many of you may have already noticed the new page that was published quite some time ago. That page is under construction at the moment, but as you can tell by the title – will involve a lot of story-telling.

I’ll be publishing a few chapters of my already-started stories of which I will revise, soon. I’ll try to get things done as speedily as possible, but school tends to work us until the last minute… I’ll have much more time during the summer 🙂 In case you haven’t already noticed my not-so new page, Pixie Dust Tales, flap on over there. 🙂

Pixie Dust Tales

A new post is going to be coming soon (a bit of a filler) as I was tempted by Marigold’s post about the Mine Train – I tried it out myself 🙂 I won’t give too much away, but it looks pretty interesting! 🙂 Have you ever wanted to hunt for gems? While I was never too excited about the actual physical labor, the precious shinies will probably be enough to make me go for it 😛

I’ve been busy lately – as usual – but the good news is summer break is just around the corner and during the break, I should find more time to get on with my blog, which is good, because it’s very neglected at the moment. I’m going to give a silent apology to my blog and all my readers… I’m so sorry!

(Sapphire, I think I added you as a guest author but you haven’t had the opportunity to post yet. It’s okay! I won’t push you 🙂 )

I’ll leave you off with a song I’m absolutely obsessed with these days….

Fly With You,

Minerva ♥




6 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. Oh how lucky our vaccations just over but i am preety excited for my school. And yes Minerva i was waiting to read your post and now i am preety excited to read your next post . 🙂 I will also checkout Pixie Dust Tales.


  2. Everyone in our community (including me :3) seems to be so sleepy right now! No one’s posting much, very few people are commenting, and quite a few are taking a break. Great to see you back, Minerva. 😀


    1. But you returned to posting almost after 2 months. 😉
      I know, I’m also feeling lazy. I am just reading and doing homework, and some art projects. And of course, searching for some new ideas for posts. 😀


      1. Yeah… I’m probably not the best at it but oh well 😛 Just a lot going on lately, I guess. And I still don’t know what I should base most my posts about o.O All in good time, I guess 🙂


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