~ Inspire ~

I told myself, over and over to quit procrastination and hurry up to post this. Yep, it’s a terrible habit of mine. Warning to everyone: do not procrastinate. Ever. It ruins your life. Well, okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration.. But you get the point.

The whole point of this post is to underline some of the changes I will undergo with my blog… Soon. I hope.

1. Theme

I’m pretty sure you’ve all noticed the theme, which I changed. I felt bad for that poor fishy dangling on the hook. I’m a water-talent, fishes are my friends 😛

I’ve changed the theme and the background to a blue, swirly thing. I like it better that way – I made the background myself, and added in the branch on the opening to the Wilderness in Dewdrop Vale.

2. Social Media

I want to expand my horizons and incorporate social media in somehow.

I recently created a Facebook page for Fly to Inspire, and will add the Facebook widget to the side of my blog soon. (And by soon, I mean as soon as I get my page up and running.)

Click here for the Fly to Inspire Facebook page, click here to friend me 🙂

I also plan on creating an Instagram for my edits, and maybe even an Ask.fm if anyone has a question for me, Sap, or Jade. Of course, you can always find me on Google+, here.

3. Pages

My blog looks a little empty as of right now, doesn’t it? No worries, I have plans for pages I want to add.

I will most definitely add a page for Jade and Sapphire sometime soon. By soon, I mean next week, because I’m stuck on Fantage this week. Why, you ask? They gave us free membership for the week – I plan to use it to it’s limit :3 It’s pretty awesome and I’ve done pretty awesome things so far.. But I’ll get into detail some other time.

Another page was one I talked about on Fly With You, Minerva. It was the Art Gallery! I’m an editor, I’m an artist.. So I’m going to put a page to show off all my work. Uh, I mean, show all the stuff I’ve done. You know, like a portfolio 😀

The final pages were a secret. Were. But anyways, I’ll let you know a little bit about it. Spoiler alert! I did say once that this would be the blog where all my creative spirit comes through – my stories. I absolutely love stories. Lately, I’ve had brainwaves for 2 new stories, along with my other 2, to post on my blog. I will have a few pages dedicated for easy access to the stories I’ve been writing. That kind of leads to the next one, which is:

4. Organization

I’m the type of pixie that hates clutter. I’m pretty organized, and I like to have my blog the same way. When Sapphire and Jade post, there will be categories, tags, all sorts of stuff to watch out for. (Be careful guys, it’s complicated :P)

I’ll have new pages, new things dedicated to all sorts of stuff. I’m not going to go into what because that would both take up way to much space and I have a few ideas, but not too many. A new idea I had was to have a page dedicated to all the other games I’ve tried out since the closing of PH. If anyone has any suggestions, I’ll definitely try them out and post up a review about it. I can’t just stay with PH and the past right? I have to stay grounded in the present 😉

5. Other Layout Stuff

I recently figured out how to add a drop-down menu for pages, so I’m going to be using that a lot more.. And creating a ton more pages. Like a lot. A lot. I’m considering putting up a page where pixies can comment suggestions to help me improve my blog and my skills in general. You know what they say, we’re blind to our own mistakes 😉 I’m also going to have that handy little blog authors image on the side so everyone can easily see who the authors are 😉 I’m also going to have a new background every season.

On top of that, I’m also considering adding a page where you can share different suggestions to help me improve since I’m still fairly new to WordPress. I’m not quite sure what direction I want to go in terms of my posts yet though.


One more thing, since I edit my posts a lot, I’m going to figure out a system to make editing parts stand out. I did hear there was a way to encase your text in these box things… Like sticky notes really. I’m not quite sure… Hmmm :/

Wait, I lied. There’s one more thing. Since most of my pixie pals are posting about movies and reviewing them nowadays, I want to do something different. Something… new. Just let me sit with this for a while.

I was thinking about adding a feature to tell when my next post is coming (approximately) but I’m not quite sure yet… All I know is that I’m going to be tinkering around with my blog design a bit during the next few days/weeks. I will probably also be posting less on Sapphire and Crystal’s blogs. Firstly, I’m mega busy and secondly, I’m kind of stumped on what to post as of right now. I do have a sort of direction on Marigold’s blog, but as for the rest, well… I’m clueless.

Any suggestions?

Minerva ♥



23 thoughts on “~ Inspire ~

  1. Sounds awesome, Minerva! I can’t wait to see all you have in store 😀
    I know what you mean about trying different things on your blog to keep things current and fresh since PH is now in the past…sad but true :-/


  2. Great to see you back, Minerva! I am waiting for your new experiments.
    Hey, didn’t ya know that I was the one who started posting about Disney stuff right after PH closed? Others followed. So, if you try something new then I’m sure others will follow you too. It kind of becomes a trend, you see. 🙂


    1. Thank you Sarah! I never really disappeared in the first place really, but it’s nice to get a warm welcome back 🙂

      Actually I did know that – you’re a trendsetter Sarah! I’m just going to let myself think about this for a while before I announce what I’m going to do 🙂 It was originally my story blog but since I switched, I have to post about other stuff too, ya know? 😉


  3. Hello Minerva, glad to comment here.
    I had a silly querry that why isnt you posting anything now a days?busy?
    I have posted but no one’s checking it out, i feel very sad, plz if you get time from ur busy schedule come and check it out. 🙂


    1. Julie……um….it’s not good to advertise our blog or your posts in someone’s blog. It’s. Bad manners. 😐


      1. ok fine, but dont be so RUDE!
        I was feeling very sad that no one visits my blog, so i was requesting her, do you have any problem and dont try to insult me EVER! You can email me and give me this tip, Even insulting is bad manners.


  4. Hey Minerva i am inviting u at my party plz do come and tell me time suitable for u so i could manage party i have time chart at my blog plz do check it too


  5. Guys………..
    Look everyone is leaving due to some reason or the other. I’m sorry as I said bc this all is happening due to me. Honestly, I too don’t have time for blogging anymore bc of studies and other things. I want to say that I won’t be going to any blog everyday, yes maybe twice in a week, but I WONT comment bc I don’t have time.
    So whoever wants to keep in touch just email me, I will surely respond. But not like pixie pals just PALS. I hope you will understand.
    I will wait for 72 hours from now, if I won’t receive any email, my email address will be deleted.
    Plz understand.


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