Resolutions :)

It’s no special occasion.

It’s not New Years.

Just ordinary.

But I use every chance I get to improve myself. So I’m going to do something a little different and state my resolutions for this next season or so. My pre-Spring Resolutions. I hereby declare this day a national holiday! It’s pre-Spring! Yaaaaay!

Minerva’s Pre-Spring Resolutions

I haven’t even realized it but I’m really busy with blogs nowadays. With my two blogs, Marigold’s, Sapphire’s and Crystal’s (to be), I’m one busy pixie. Wow, that’s 5 blogs already! When I started my blog, I never thought it would get this far. So number 1 is:

1. Try to organize a posting schedule for blogs so none goes without a post for 6 months

I realized I haven’t been writing enough. Most of my started stories remained never completed, so I’d like to actually finish one. I’m a pretty organized pixie, and I love to write, so that leads to number 2:

2. One story at a time, unless they’re one-shots.

 I’ve been having difficulty coming up with good section names lately. I’ve been pondering about my section name for a while now so if I could:

3. Come up with a list of good section names…

That would be great. Any suggestions?

I also often check back and begin a post about once a week… I’d like to be more active. I’d like to write more posts; Disney, Disney Fairies, PH memories, it doesn’t really matter.

4. Post more often.

Also, I’ve seen that some pixies have been adding social media to their blogs. I have my Youtube page up there and my Google+ should be available too… But I’m lacking. I want to add a Facebook page or maybe a Twitter. It doesn’t really matter, as long as I:

5. Add more social media to my blogs.

Well, that’s enough for now. In September, I’ll do a review of how my resolutions are going 🙂

I also finally decided what to do with this blog. I’m going to write stories about Pixie Hollow and Disney Fairies. My personal experience, the Famous Fairies perspectives.. Whatever works. This will be my story-telling blog. All my current stories will be continued here. Any ideas for new stories will be welcome 🙂 Feel free to comment at any time 😉

My blog will be renamed, to what, I have yet to decide. Changes will probably occur from time to time since I’m trying to change up a few things…

Well, until next post,

Fly With You,



43 thoughts on “Resolutions :)

  1. Yay! You’re such an awesome and talented writer, so making this your storytelling blog is so fitting 😀

    Yes, please write on my blog again! I would love to have you continue your mix & match and/or even do something totally different.

    Whoa – 5 blogs?!? I keep turning pixies down to guest author on their blogs because I can’t even keep up with my own :p


    1. Thanks Marigold 🙂 I do love to write after all… All writers need a place to write 😉

      I’d love to continue writing on your blog again! I realized I have a post on there I never completed… I’ll finish it right way 😉 I can finish up with the mix & matches I have and then maybe do something different 🙂

      It’s a little hard to manage and eventually, I might have to leave a few of them.. But I’m going to try to manage them 🙂 I’ll probably end up posting a lot less than usual though 😛


  2. I understand, but I previously owned a Blogger blog as well…I don’t use it anymore. So, I could write on any of your blogs you wish. Do I need to send you an email for that? What exactly do you want me to write about?


    1. Alright, I’ll let you choose which one you would like to write on 😉 Just send me an email so I know which email to send the request to. You can write about anything; I’m not especially particular. 😉 Perhaps something Disney-related?


  3. Hey Minerva! I was just passing through and I noticed that you changed your cool underwater blog theme…Not that I don’t like your new one, I just thought your other one was super cool and unique since it moved as you scrolled 😉


    1. Yes, I did change it 😉 I’m just kind of playing around with things at the moment to find a better theme. I did like the scrolling fish too.. But I was just beginning to feel bad for the poor fishy on the hook that was always dangling… xD


    1. I already said no to Sarah (well, I told her maybe a bit later) so it wouldn’t be fair if I said yes to you… I know you’re a great writer though, but my blog is reaching it’s limit with Sapphire and Jade (I think) I think I have enough help already, though I’m flattered that you want to be my guest author 🙂


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