Whenever the Weather

What to write? I’m so lost here.

While the storm rages on, I’m in my cozy water lily, sitting on my caterpillar fluff bed, chewing on the tip of my quill. I’m clueless.

Shall I begin another story that I probably won’t finish? Shall I show some of my more recent edits even though I haven’t been doing much?

I’ll just go with the story.

The first two installments of my arrival day story are on my main blog 😉

Minerva’s Arrival Day: Decemeber 27, 2011

The winter was calm; it was unlike anything the fairies of Pixie Hollow had ever seen before. The winter fairies always got the winter ready in time, but this year, winter on the Mainland would be belated.

The day after a celebration Clumsies called ‘Christmas’, a message was heard throughout the Hollow. At first it was no more than a whisper, but soon became recent news, sending fairies up in a frenzy. A new arrival.

“It’s almost time!” A fast-flying fairy called, squinting at the tiny speck in the distance. Fairies and Sparrowmen rushed to the Home Tree in their eager anxiety to welcome the new arrival. An unspoken question hung in the air: which of the talents will get a new addition?

The dandelion fluff floated over to a place fairies secretly nicknamed the Pixie Dust Falls, where dust flowed over a branch on the Pixie Dust Tree. As it touched the ground, it slowed grew into the silhouette of a fairy. She had emerald green eyes and a sepia shade of hair. She was wearing the standard arrival day gown of soft dandelion fluff and matching slippers.

Representatives from each talent rushed forward with a token of their particular talent. Water fairies brought forth a water bubble, tinker fairies brought a hammer, light-talents had a glittering orb, the frost fairies had a snowflake, and so on. The newcomer gaped at all of the shimmering objects in front of her, in a magical circle, all placed on mushroom pedestals.

A fairy clad with gold, seemingly glowing from within, stepped forward. Her flowing golden dress and wing pattern distinguished her from the rest.

“Born of laughter, clothed in cheer, happiness has brought you here. Welcome to Pixie Hollow,” she said softly. “I am Queen Clarion. You are here to find your talent.”

The Queen gestured to the circle around the new fairy. “You will know when the talent is right,” was the only advice she gave.

The new arrival looked hesitantly around the circle. She reached for the garden-talent flower, but it shriveled as her hand drew near. The garden talents sighed in disappointment. The fairy tried the whirling tornado next, but the tornado slowed to a stop as she took a step towards it. The glittering light-talent orb didn’t work, nor did the sparkling snowflake from the frost talents. She was beginning to feel a little hopeless. Two left. The new fairy tried the water bubble first. She took a cautious step, for she was a quick learner and noticed that some would fail as soon as she took a step. When nothing happened, she took another step, and another. Nothing happened. As she reached out to touch it, the bubble glowed with fairy magic.

The fairy picked it up and held it in her hands. She felt a rush of power through her, illuminating her soul. Yes, this is what I’m meant to do. This is my talent.

“She is a water-talent!” the Queen declared. The water-talents exchanged hugs in celebration.

A fairy fluttered forward. She had dark eyes and long black hair. “Fly with you, raindrop!” she welcomed the new fairy. “I’m Silvermist. I’ll be your mentor at Pixie Hollow! What’s your name?”

The new fairy glanced at the Queen. My name? I don’t have a name.

“Her name will be Minerva,” said the Queen. “In honor of her wisdom.”

Minerva. In honor of my wisdom.


And that’s the end for now 🙂

I’ll see y’all next post!

Fly With You,



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