To Post or Not to Post… That is the Question

Feeling a little Shakespearean today, as you can see with my title. Hehe.

So you all know this is my second blog right? I don’t know… I thought I kind of wanted to be less restricted to just news on the Hollow. But now that the Hollow is gone… Well, what do I write about?

I love posting and running a blog so much. But when the very thing you write about was removed? I suppose switching to another game also works. Some other bloggers have handled the situation differently: Melanie and Sarah have been posting memories, Marigold hasn’t been posting…

But I don’t want to do either of those things, you know?

What I might do is keep this blog open for Pixie Hollow memories in case it ever return… (A pixie can hope!) And convert this one to another game that I play. One I wouldn’t mind updating on every once in a while.

It’s been so confusing without Pixie Hollow, hasn’t it? It’s like a piece of you that you have always known was there suddenly gets yanked away…

On my primary blog, I’d like to keep memories about PH fresh and continuous, which has gotten harder. Maybe stick in a few new edits from time to time, as I like to keep my editing stills sharp. Maybe I’ll write a few stories, as Melanie suggested. I’m still thinking…

This may be the last PH related post I write. That depends on what I have decided…

Perhaps I will begin to post about Fantage, a game I used to play that I returned to after Pixie Hollow’s closing. I’m still considering how to bring my blogs forward. Even without my favorite game, I still wish to post and be able to cherish PH memories while moving forward as well.

As William Shakesphere wisely stated, “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” I want to hold my own destiny and give myself some time to decide.

Thanks, my faithful readers, and always:

Fly With You,



17 thoughts on “To Post or Not to Post… That is the Question

    1. I know, it’s so hard to move on… 😦 I’ve sort of disappeared from my blogs since the end but I’m still deciding how to handle this…
      We just have to believe the Hollow will return right?


  1. Hey Minerva I can comment on this one yay but I can’t find it email address. Plz give it me. And u know be my friend on fantage and chatting and stuff


    1. Hey Crystal!
      My email is on my other blog, I believe it is under my ‘About Me’ section 😉
      But just in case, I’ll put it here as well.
      Just email me whenever and we’ll set up a time to meet 😉

      ~ Minerva ~


  2. Hey Minerva I’m busy till 20 December I’m free after that till new year so do u mind chatting on fantage or email everyday?????!!!
    ~ Crystal Watershimmer ~


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