Gallery of Editing…

Had Pixie Hollow not ended, my days would still be filled with magic. I miss that. I check the website almost out of instinct and it’s sad to see the site now. I’m just relieved I managed to take all those screenshots beforehand (Yay for no procrastination! :D) So I’d like to share some of my edits from the past year or so… To help remember my fairy 🙂

My very first edit, (or something like that) from before I learned the beauty of white glows…

Grecian Dreams Dress

And from before I learned about Pixlr… I used Pizap back then. Terrible… I know 😀 Good times…


Looking back on it, my reaction is a mixture of laughter and melancholy… I’m glad I have my edits as memories but it can’t replace our PH. 😦

The first 3D edit I ever did.. (A fail, I know. :P)

Minerva in Summer 3D

I messed up on the wings…

And I have to showcase my modern-day editing abilities. Both 2D and 3D fairies…

2D Edits…

Echo - Flower Minerva - Flower Stella - Flower

and 3D Edits..

Cypress 3D

Apricot Sweetpool 3D

  Sometimes I made a few edits for my friends…

  Sometimes, were requested.

  Actually, the edits I did for Apricot, Tori, and Faye   were all requests 🙂 I guess it just means my    editing skill is recognized! 😀

Tori Rainbowsplash and Faye 3D

I got Photoshop Trial for a month so that’s why the edits for Harmony, me and App are a little different.

It took me a little while to get the hang of 3D. My first one was terrible..

Harmony 3D

I used to be really bad at 3D editing…

But then I tried it again for Cypress and it turned out really well! I was so inspired I continued making edits and I will continue until I run out of pictures of my friends to edit 😛

Tamara 3D

Editing images of my friends and my fairies are one of my last pieces of Pixie Hollow.

   Besides, I really enjoy it!

   Now.. to finish off my collection with some of my GIFs! Those are my moving images that everyone seems to like so much 😉

Minerva and Apricot Sweetpool

GIF Collection: 

I made some in my own time… Others were made for a purpose 😉

For some reason, I really like that Hollow tree background… It’s like I have some  of Pixie Hollow with me…

Minerva GIF Siggie

Pixie Salvation Soldiers GIF

Minerva GIF Siggie

Anyways… Until next time, I will always,

Fly With You,



14 thoughts on “Gallery of Editing…

  1. Let me tell you, Minerva, you need not worry about your 3D edit because I stink so much at 3D edits. Most of the time, the legs of my fairy looks awkward and the head is bent WAY out of place. So much for that. -__-


    1. Yes! I did all my beginning 3D edits with Pixlr. I was thinking about posting a tutorial on my Youtube channel sometime… So I’ll let you know when I have it out! 🙂

      Thank you! I’m just experimenting with the layout and all.. I like the new layout but I’m still working on a new title.. Fly to Inspire is my current one and I’m not sure if I should keep it… Any suggestions? 😉


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