Hey there! My name is Minerva and I’m a one year old fairy from Pixie Hollow! You might recognize me from my Blogger blog, Fly With You, Minerva. If you’ve read it, you would know that I also have an account from like, 2010 but I stopped playing for a year or so and everything was gone. Oh well, that’s another story. I have three fairies on my main account: Minerva, Echo Starsong, and Stella.

I always wanted to try out WordPress, so consider this the WordPress version of my blog! Click here to see my regular blog! I will also be a guest author on Marigold’s blog. Click here to see it! So I guess I’ll be doing a ton of blogging from now on!

I’m always there to help out any new fairies and I like to aid everyone if they need it. 😀 This blog (like my other one) will be used for sharing my thoughts as Pixie Hollow continues. I’m a non-member so this will all be from a non-member’s point of view. Edit: I activated a 1-Month Membership code on June, 28, 2013. Oh, and PH is ending soon so we all get free membership. Uh, yay?

I will try to provide current news of what’s going on in the Hollow. I can be busy sometimes so if it’s late well… That’s what happened 😉

Of course, I will be more active on my other blog 😉

But anyways…

Fly With You Later!

~ Minerva


13 thoughts on “Hello!

    1. Poor worm on the hook! 😦 LOL did not see it in tell I saw that comment on the blog Pixie Hollow Forever! XD lol love the blog keep up the posting!!!!
      your friend Emily Flicker Web


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